Online tutorials have proven to be a great resource for young architects trying to expand their skill sets. Architectural Software experts have been releasing videos with a higher frequency on YouTube to make online learning easier, fun, engaging, and highly informative. A large majority of these channels release videos for free and without a subscription. 

Be it learning the workflow and the entire software, or how a complex command may work, a relevant video explaining it is merely a click away. A lot of YouTubers release videos daily as part of a larger series that one can follow to learn the basics of the software. 

This article sums up to ten YouTube channels that can be checked out for well explained and concise tutorials.

1. Show It Better | Architectural softwares

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Show It Better was started in 2016 and has quickly gained popularity among the architecture community with over 200k followers on YouTube. They are all about making architectural representation better and delve into various software for doing so. One can find tutorials for Lumion, Photoshop, Enscape, and Sketchup that are under well-curated playlists. 

Recently, they have started reviewing architectural portfolios on their channel as well. They also offer tips and tricks for making presentation boards among other advice for students.

2. Bring Your Own Laptop

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Daniel Scott at Bring Your Own Laptop is a certified Adobe instructor and expert and has been teaching courses for free on YouTube for a while now. The channel mostly features Adobe Cloud software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

Moreover, he even has his website which has different modules that one can sign up for. He caters to both advanced and beginner levels.

3. Arqui9 Visualization

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Arqui9 Visualization is an award-winning firm in London that produces high-quality renders for various projects around the globe. They have produced views for the biggest names in the industry, including Perkins and Will, BIG, SOM, etc. 

Now, for the benefit of students/ professionals who want to learn visualization, they have a series of tutorials on YouTube that are presented in exceedingly high quality and have become widely popular.

4. QreativeHome

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QreativeHome consists of a group of architects and designers who share their combined knowledge via their videos on YouTube. A lot of their videos teach ArchiCAD as part of a series, but they have also moved onto post-production on Photoshop and 3D modeling on SketchUp.

Among other tutorials, they also teach simple freehand sketching and offer tips and tricks for a smoother workflow and faster production.

5. Photoshop.Architect | Architectural softwares

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Photoshop.Architect is a really popular channel that can be used to learn software at any skill level. The channel has advanced tutorials for free as well. The videos are relatively short and use the time-lapse method to deliver their content. 

Recently, they have also started teaching Lumion, and 3D modeling on SketchUp. They have easy and interesting ways to render night-time effects like creating artificial light and rendering water and reflective surfaces.

6. SourceCAD

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If there are ever any questions in or about AutoCAD, look no further, because SourceCAD has been in the business of making online tutorials for about 8 years now. Their page contains several playlists for learning the software from scratch. 

They also teach AutoCAD 3D, which can prove to be helpful for architects and civil engineers alike. 

7. Nick Senske


Serving as a faculty member at the Iowa State University and UNC Charlotte’s Architecture programs, Nick Senske teaches Computational Design and Digital representation. His courses are often published on YouTube as a whole series in which he discusses Rhino and advanced computational design. 

There are tutorials on scripting and augmented reality also for those who are interested.

8. Balkan Architect


Balkan Architect has slowly gained a cult following on YouTube with his channel that is all about Revit. With a video being uploaded every day, the playlists are extremely extensive and cover almost every topic imaginable. The tutorials range from beginner levels to detailing joinery and even cover Dynamo for Revit. 

One can be assured of finding the answer to any query or command in the software on this channel.

9. Architutors


Architutors is an all-in-one channel that has some great tutorials on every software- SketchUp, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, 3DS Max, V-ray, Rhino, Grasshopper, Lumion, Revit Architecture, and much more. What really stands out though are the tutorials on Rhino and Grasshopper. 

With almost two hundred videos on these two programs, the playlist covers a lot of ground when it comes to learning them. 

10. Yes I’m a Designer | Architectural softwares


Martin Perhiniak of Yes I’m a Designer is a certified Adobe instructor whose resume is just as impressive as his channelhaving worked for Pixar as a designer, his Illustrator tutorials are extremely extensive, in-depth, and detailed. 

Playlists range from various skill levels, and he even discusses graphic design and game design among other tutorials. 


Varun is a Masters in Architecture graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an architect, he is passionate about good design, interactivity with architecture, walkability, and dense cities. When not working, he tries to find time for sketching, going for a swim or reading architectural theory.