11. Modular Stacked Homes

Modular stacked homes are buildings that consist of prefabricated repeated sections called “modules” that are placed either end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked vertically. Interconnections are later established within the modules after arranging them is complete. Modular houses are a way of the future – they allow a building to expand according to the needs of the people and the increasing population. 

These houses are far easier to construct than traditional multi-family facilities and also allow easy adaptation for future needs. Designing modular stacked homes for their final year thesis project under the residential typology will allow students to create projects that can easily be constructed in real life and also be more long-lasting because of their flexibility of expansion. 

Modular Stacked Homes - Sheet1
11A_Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo_©it.m.wikipedia.org
Modular Stacked Homes - Sheet2
11B_Planning And Arrangement Of Individual Capsules_©pinterest.com
Modular Stacked Homes - Sheet3
11C_Elevation And Section_©archeyes.com

12. Sustainable House

Sustainable houses aim to have the least negative impact on nature. Everything from vernacular methodologies to alternate sources of energy, recycled materials to plants and even planning considerations can be used to make a residential unit sustainable. 

The variety of options available make sustainable homes a good topic for a thesis as students are giving the freedom to choose any aspect they want and focus on that in their projects. There is also the possibility of students applying the knowledge gained in their curriculum to make new plans and designs that will make the house sustainable.

Sustainable House - Sheet1
12A_ZEB Pilot House, Snohetta_©archdaily.com
Sustainable House - Sheet2
12B_House Plan_©archdaily.com
Sustainable House - Sheet3
12C_Ecological Design Considerations_©archdaily.com

13. Floating Houses

Floating houses are built to stay permanently in water and can be designed to rise up and down with the changing levels of water. They make use of lighter materials that can float easily on the water and use various technologies for the provisions of public utilities. 

Currently floating houses are restricted to inland surface water bodies, but there is scope to adapt them on marine water bodies and even build full scape cities using them, topics that can be explored well in a final year thesis project. Floating residential units are another good alternative to deal with the space crunch issue on land.

Floating Houses - Sheet1
13A_Float House IV, Willamette River, Oregon_©bobvilla.com
Floating Houses - Sheet2
13B_A Perspective View_©integratearch.com
Floating Houses - Sheet3
13C_Beautiful Interiors_©integratearch.com

14. Mobile Homes

Mobile homes do not have permanent roots and can easily be moved from one place to another. Mobile homes can be anything from units attached to trailers and  RV homes to van and school-bus conversions. These homes provide an option to movie cities and immigrate to new places without having to shift houses every time. 

They are also cheaper in the long run and more eco-friendly because a moving vehicle restricts how one lives and uses public utilities. Mobile homes also help with salvaging unused vehicles and reduce the overall carbon footprint. As residential units, mobile homes are a very good topic to take up as a thesis project.

Mobile Homes - Sheet1
14A_eco-PERCH by Blue Forest, Great Britain_©architizer.com
Mobile Homes - Sheet2
14B_Sketch Of Floor Plan_©pinterest.com
Mobile Homes - Sheet
14C_Wooden Interiors_©architizer.com

15. Hostels

Hostels are a form of low-cost, short-termed residential units where users have the flexibility to choose amenities and utilities according to their individual needs and also the availability of such resources. Rooms in hostels can range from being completely private with attached bathrooms to single-sex or mixed dormitories. 

Hostels are very popular with students and tourists. They are also a good initial housing option for someone who has moved alone to a different – hostels offer safer accommodations and allows the person to grow familiar with the city before opting for a more permanent residence. 

The temporary nature of hostel accommodation makes them a thesis topic with various options to explore and incorporate in respective projects.

Hostels - Sheet1
(15A)(Base St. Kilda,Melbourne, Australia)(@pinterest.com.mx).jpg
Hostels - Sheet2
(15B)(Living Quarters)(@booking.com).jpg
Hostels - Sheet3
(15C)(Social Quarters)(@stayatbase.com).jpg
15C_Social Quarters_©stayatbase.com

16. Housing For Elderly

Housing for elderly or old-age homes is designed specifically for the older population and contains amenities and utilities that are the most required by them. These housing facilities can either be private or owned and operated by government organizations and NGOs alike. 

Residential units like these provide older people more security and also have ready access to medical equipment to cope with health emergencies. Facilities like these also have employed caretakers trained in different aspects to assist older people to live comfortable and hassle-free. 

This is a good topic for a thesis project because there are many design considerations and availability of equipment that need to be worked out simultaneously to create comfortable residences for the elderly.

Housing For Elderly - Sheet1
(16A)( Santa Casa da Misericórdia’s Elderly Care Centre, Portugal)(@pinterest.com).jpg
Housing For Elderly - Sheet2
(16B)(Floor Plan For The Centre)(@www10.aeccafe.com).jpg
Housing For Elderly - Sheet3
(16C)(Serene White Interiors)(@www10.aeccafe.com).jpg

17. Social Housing

These are housing facilities owned by either the local government bodies or other non-profit organizations and rented to people belonging to lower-income groups. Social housing is built to accommodate some of the most vulnerable groups – ones without jobs, or on the brink of homelessness. 

Social housing is an aspect of our societies that needs more focus and development because housing options for the poor are mostly overlooked and/or dismissed. Helping the poor will ultimately help in increasing the GDP of the country. All these aforementioned points make social housing a good residential thesis topic.

Social Housing - Sheet1
(17A)(Social Housing for Mine Workers. Asturias, Spain)(@archdaily.com).jpg
Social Housing - Sheet2
(17B)(Plans Of Different Floors)(@www10.aeccafe.com).jpg
Social Housing - Sheet3
(17C)(Arrangement Of Units)(@www10.aeccafe.com).jpg

18. Shelter Houses

Shelter houses are designed specifically to supply safe housing and supportive amenities to homeless families and victims of violence. These houses are built for temporary accommodations but can also be used long-term depending upon the situation. Rooms in these kinds of residential buildings need to be designed flexibly to accommodate the individual and unique needs and requirements of the various kinds of people who will be using these spaces. 

Taking shelter houses as a thesis topic will allow students to understand and perceive how people use spaces and make them more sensitive as designers.

Shelter Houses - Sheet1
(18A)(Shelter from the Storm, Islington)(@dezeen.com).jpg
Shelter Houses2
Shelter Houses3
(18C)(Sketch Of Perspective View)(@ribaj.com).jpg

19. Universal Accessibility Housing

These residential areas are designed in such a way that they can be used by anybody of any gender and belonging to any age group. Universal accessibility housing provides a comfortable space that can be used fully and properly by all kinds of people without any restrictions and hindrances. 

Such housing facilities contain specific design considerations to accommodate people with specific disabilities – wider circulatory pathways for wheelchairs, well-lit rooms and corridors and braille signage for people with different levels of visual impairments, signals in both visual and audio forms in case of emergencies to alert people with varying types and levels of impairments, so on and so forth. 

Such a thesis topic will make a student more aware of the specific needs of different types of people and make them more sensitive as designers.

Universal Accessibility Housing - Sheet1
(19A)(Wounded Warrior Home Project At Fort Belvoir)(@michealgraves.com).jpg
Universal Accessibility Housing - Sheet2
(19B)(Floor Plan With Landscape Details)(@pinterest.ca).jpg
Universal Accessibility Housing - Sheet3
(19C)(Wheelchair Accessible Space Planning)(@archdaily.com).jpg

20. Restoration Of Abandoned Buildings Into Multi-Family Homes

Everywhere around us we see abandoned buildings, be it ancient ones or more contemporary examples. These buildings could have been abandoned for different reasons, and instead of letting them go to waste, they can be fully restored and converted into residential units for multiple families. 

This kind of project makes use of existing structures and helps with the space crunch issue that has been increasing in recent years. Such a topic as a thesis project allows students to explore various avenues simultaneously. 

Restoration Of Abandoned Buildings Into Multi-Family Homes - Sheet1
(20A)(Lampwork Lofts, Oakland, California, United States)(@archello.com).jpg
Restoration Of Abandoned Buildings Into Multi-Family Homes - Sheet2
(20B)(Entrance To The Lofts)(@pinterest.com).jpg
Restoration Of Abandoned Buildings Into Multi-Family Homes - Sheet3
(20C)(The Original Structural Beams Still In Use)(@www10.aeccafe.com).jpg


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