RODNAE Productions from ⒸPexelsThere has always been a constant struggle between the profession of an architect and a designer. The architect means a person who designs a building and, in many cases, supervises its construction as well. They help to create the structure, the frame and the basic skeleton of the building. 

The architect is also knowledgeable in designing the inside space. Interior designer, on the other hand, specialises in making indoor spaces, safe, comfortable, functional and aesthetic by understanding spatial planning. They take into consideration the decisions to be made regarding furniture and other accessories.

The architect knows the basic overall idea of what the interior designer does within the said space but may not be completely knowledgeable unless specifically trained. An interior designer does not have any basic idea as to what architects do as they get the canvas directly. It’s almost like, the architect is a canvas maker and the interior designer is a painter. Each knows each other’s role but they do not know how to properly execute the idea. 

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Arch. Vs. Interior Design Ⓒ

Architects have very different training in comparison to interior designers. Architects can create structural buildings which follow national, state and local building codes. Interior designers are trained to create an aesthetic and functional space. Architects focus on the technical aspects of creating a space, whereas the designer looks at human psychology and the emotional aspects of the people. 

Based on the requirements one has, the need to hire arise. Since both the fields have similar areas of work, the ability to choose between both gets confusing sometimes. 

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Paraphernalia for architects and designers

Only a few people realise that many designers have knowledge and training in architecture and architects have knowledge and training in design. While both these professions revolve around home and building design, there remain some skills unique. 

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Architecture drawings

Understanding Architects

Architects are sound, well-rounded individuals who can put together sound, stable structures for people with logical reasoning, mathematics, lines and angles. The architects design all types of buildings such as homes, offices, hospitals, churches and other varied public and private spaces. They come up with plans and the basic structure of a complete space with the zoning and this helps to create a skeleton to curate as per the person’s needs. They help to combine design and functionality. 

The architects pay close attention to the construction firm creating the site as per their instructions. They ensure that the designs incorporate form, functionality, safety and beauty all while creating a cohesive building of the sound structure. 

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Architecture drawings vs. design drawings Photo by Ryan Ancill on ⒸUnsplash

Understanding designers

Interior designers can transform spaces and completely switch the ambience of the area. They understand the way space is to be utilised and create functional aesthetics settings for people to habituate in. Not only do they create houses, but also offices, hospitals and other public spaces. 

After talking to the clients, they create renderings/drawings of designs. Once the design is approved by the client, the designer starts curating the space. The designer may need to simply allocate separate fabrics and furnishings, lighting and accessories or in some cases need to get some construction work done as well. 

Maintaining safety through adherence and knowledge of building codes and safety is a key factor taken care of by the interior designer. Along with their spatial skills, they have a myriad of aesthetic skills too. 

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Interior Designing Mikhail Nilov from ⒸPexels

After discussing the varied responsibilities, we need to understand the difference between the job profiles for both. Architects and designers have the skill set needed to simultaneously build and beautify. While both can create aesthetically functioning spaces, there is a big difference between the two. 

Architects help to design spaces inside as well as outside. They help in spatial decision-making within a building. Interior designers, on the other hand, use their skills to add aesthetic value through decisions taken for the inside of the house. 

Some designers are extremely engaging and help out with choices such as windows, doors and exterior colour choices. In the same way, architects are also capable of making interior spatial detailing. This overlap of work between the two professionals creates a sort of symbiotic relationship where one mutually benefits from the other. 

The relationship causes the designer and architect to be present to make the imperative choices while creating a cohesive living environment. So, who do you hire? Perhaps both.

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Work of both in tandem  RODNAE Productions from ⒸPexels

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