Mostly everyone would remember their first juries in design schools and how they felt during the whole process. It will not be wrong to state that architectural juries are the academic underpinning for the architecture school and build architects for the real world. However, apart from the presentation sheets, one other most important essence of a jury is the jurors. And accurately identifying the character of the juror can be proven quite helpful in presenting your work strategically and not dreadfully. 

So, here is a compiled list of 10 types of architecture jurors every student will most probably meet at some point.

1. The One with The Fast Forward Button

Your jury will start and then end in a blink of an eye. These jurors, in particular, have a speed you will have to adjust to. Not only that, but they will also ask you to present your 3-4 months’ worth of work in 3-4 minutes by only mentioning the key points. You will then have to judge instantly what to tell and what to skip so that your design is well understood. Tough is it? We think so too.


10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet1
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2. The One with The Eyes That Always Seek More

You will get to hear a line from these jurors once in your architecture school journey, that is, “show me more”. They are the ones always looking for more than what you have and have been selling them. Despite you having every single drawing for your project accompanying a great model, they will still ask for something else. And it will be your task to satisfy them so that they don’t get bored and give you boring grades.

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3. The One with The Celeb Architect

Every school tries its best to get in some renowned architect for the juries, and sometimes they succeed in inviting one. Even though you will feel lucky enough to be able to stand in front of them, but an equal scare runs in the blood to show them your work. And the star-struck mind finds it difficult to hold it together nevertheless, you get a picture with them, and everything ends up being fine.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet3
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4. The One with No Comments

These are one of the scariest jurors you will meet. You will be at your best, explaining everything quite well and making valuable points, but your juror stays quiet. Now suppose, you walk them through your proposed design, which you feel most confident for and finishes off with an impact. But you still hear no word being said, would not that leave you all confused and with a question of whether or not they like it? Yes, these are that type of jurors.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet4
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5. The One with The Practical Mind

You must have felt weak in your knees when they started talking about the service staircase or the toilet layout or the fire exits in detail. These are the kind of jurors who will want to shift all the focus from your extravagant façade to the plumbing and the parking. Moreover, your well-versed revolutionary ideas will take a back seat, and what takes the front seat will be more pragmatic aspects of a design.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet5
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6. The One with The Seen It All Experience

Time and again, we meet a juror who holds an experience of double your age. They let you speak whatever you have in store and patiently listen. In all probability, they have heard every inch of the design you have pulled off once in their lifetime. Despite the silence, if you are lucky enough, they would utter words that you should treasure for life.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet6
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7. The One with The Societal Love

If you ever come across this type, we are sure you will go home with profound knowledge of how a design will impact society and the environment it is built-in. You will have to elaborate on the site analysis along with what your proposed design offers to the community. In addition to this, they might be harsh at times as their love for society is more than your few-story building.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet7
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8. The One with The Love For Concepts

We often don’t dedicate enough time to showcase the concept on the sheet and end up putting it at the corner. And these jurors will stop you right at your concept. They will point out the things that you missed. Things like how the star word you stated as your concept isn’t exactly what your sketch tells. Moreover, they have the motive of making the student understand as basic as a concept that drives the whole design.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet8
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9. The One with The Predatory Skills

The ones we are talking about are the most savage of savages. Ever heard or seen models getting shattered or the sheets tearing down into two pieces? These jurors with the predatory skills are most likely to do so. They are not there to boost your confidence instead, they prey on them and look for potentials to break you down. 

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet9
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10. The One with The Financial Exponent

Remember the time when your juror asked to expand the costs of your design, and this type is that juror. Frequently, you will hear how you wasted the land with your circular plan when a rectangular one could have earned more profit. Furthermore, the part of the sheets they care about is the corner where the area statement lies, and your concept won’t matter if your area efficiency is not right.

10 Types of Architectural Jurors every student meets in school - Sheet10
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Once you meet all these jurors, you will, without any doubt, collect some valuable learning each time. Regardless of what grade they give you, jurors will always make a mark in your mind for a lifetime. And there are plenty of other kinds, but we are sure you will certainly relate to these.   


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