With the proliferation of advanced rendering software, the visualizations are becoming more and more realistic to the extent that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between a photorealistic render and an actual photograph. It is the best tool to fill in the communication lacuna between clients and the architect. If you are a student or a fresh graduate with little or no experience, having good 3D visualizations of your college projects or unbuilt work in your portfolio adds a lot of weightage. For people who have been in the industry for a while, architectural renderings help them to sell their designs and attract more clients. And for people who are looking to win projects through competitions, there is no better way than to include some large images depicting the finished product.

The future is of technology. All firms, big or small, are either looking to hire someone who has good rendering skills up their sleeves or are outsourcing their architectural visualizations to freelancers or Archviz companies.

It is always good to have these skills on your resume. Here is a list of Online Architectural Rendering courses for both beginners and experts.

10 Online courses for architectural rendering
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1. Architecture Visualisation for Students and Architects | Architectural Rendering

The 9-day online workshop, organized by Karwaan, is for everyone from students to professionals who want to learn Archviz and Rendering. The course aims to help people related to the Architecture and Design field to communicate their designs better. It covers a range of topics, from helping you choose the best presentation techniques for your project and teaching the relevant software to demonstrate the best methodology, tools, and tips to create your rendered drawings. 

Duration: 9 Days
Available on: www.kaarwan.com
Course Fee: 3499 INR (on discount)

2. Photoshop Visualisation for Architects

The course will give you a basic understanding of how to render your design projects using only Photoshop, without the help of any rendering software. In addition to explaining how to use and modify textures as per your project needs, the course also teaches how to improve your own previously rendered images, how to compose images and create mood boards for better renderings, and the power of color in your visualizations.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: www.udemy.com
Level: Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Photoshop and any 3D software
Course Fee: 420 INR (on discount)

3. Master Architectural Visualization – Blender – Design | Architectural Rendering

The course offered by Udemy adopts a practical approach and walks you step by step through the process of creating 2D drawings, modeling, adding material, and rendering the final result. The course explains the process of manipulating Blender to get the required results and solve any tasks quickly and easily. The highlights of this course are the use of tools and add ons like Archimesh, the New PBR shader, and Measureit.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: www.udemy.com
Level: Beginner
Course Fee: 420 INR (on discount)

4. 3ds Max and V-Ray: Interior Lighting and Rendering

The course explores the lighting and rendering features of V-Ray for 3ds Max with a hands-on approach. Instructed by George Maestri, the course teaches how to generate high-quality renderings of interior scenes and environments. The course explains everything from how to create realistic daytime and nighttime lighting using different tools to post-production work in Photoshop like adding shadows, reflections, and other finishing touches. After the course, you will know how to light rooms at any time of the day.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: https://www.linkedin.com
Level: Intermediate
Course Fee: 1400 INR (Free for Premium users and the first one month)

5. 3D Architect Exterior Rendering Online Courses | Architectural Rendering

Provided by the Yantram Animation Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad, the course offers live sessions with the instructors and regular assessments to check on your progress. The course starts with the basics of 3D modeling in 3Ds Max or Sketchup and then goes on to demonstrate texturing and lighting in V-Ray or Corona to create realistic renderings. The next phase includes 3D landscape design using elements from 3Ds Max and other libraries. The final phase of the course guides you to combine visual elements from separate sources into a single image using various types of Passes in Photoshop.  

Duration: 240 hours
Available on: https://yait.in
Level: Beginner
Course Fee: 24000 INR 

6. Professional Watercolor Renderings Using Photoshop and Revit

This course is for people who want to give an artistic touch to their renderings. In the course, you’ll learn the process of integrating non-photorealistic watercolor painting techniques using Photoshop and Revit. Some of the major topics that the course covers are learning how to export views from Revit with sketchy lines and shadows, exploring the actions and brushes used to speed up watercolor painting techniques in Photoshop, and exploring the various methods for creating watercolor effects for painting Revit views. The course concludes with a demonstration of how to set the building within a landscape and add people, cars, and other site elements to the view.

Duration: 4 hours 21 minutes
Available on: www.pluralsight.com
Level: Intermediate
Course Fee: Subscription-based | Free 10 day trial

7. Lighting and Rendering with V-Ray for Revit

The course has a hands-on project-based approach to teach photo-realistic rendering techniques using V-Ray or Revit. The course first helps discover various architectural material and then go on to explore lighting in a Revit model using V-Ray lights and HDRI lighting techniques. The aim of this course is to give its students confidence to integrate V-Ray into their Revit rendering workflow.

Duration: 2 hours 43 minutes
Available on: www.pluralsight.com
Level: Intermediate
Course Fee: Subscription-based | Free 10 day trial

8. Architectural Visualization Using Digital Collage

Digital collage is a new trend in Architecture Visualization. Many professional architectural firms are starting to adopt this technique as a counteraction to photorealistic renderings. 

The course, hosted on Domestika, gives an insight into the digital collage technique, its history, and the influential artists in the field. It teaches basic techniques to depict your architectural project through the medium of digital collage, using different programs and plugins for modeling and image editing.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: www.domestika.org
Level: Beginner
Course Fee: 590 INR (on discount)

9. V-Ray for SketchUp Courseware

The course is offered by the official Courseware site for V-Ray. To improve the knowledge of V-Ray in its user community, the course offers many video tutorials covering topics such as Scene Intelligence, Lighting, Shading and Rendering, Exterior, and Interior Rendering, Materials, Caustics, Clipper, Diagrammatic Materials, and Material Wrapper. The website also offers access to many free additional resources.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: https://docs.chaosgroup.com
Level: Beginner-Expert
Course Fee: Free

10. Twinmotion From Beginning To End – Easy VR and Rendering for Architectural Visualization | Architectural Rendering

The course focuses solely on a relatively new visualization software- Twinmotion. The software is a real-time, 3D immersion software aimed to make rendering easy with its easy-to-use interface, and a large library of 3d assets. The course, meant for everyone from beginners to experts, has a goal to take you from nothing to creating full VR walkthroughs, animations, and still shots in a few easy steps.

Duration: Self-paced
Available on: www.skillshare.com
Level: Beginner-Expert
Course Fee: Membership-based


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