Architecture being the foundation of all things design (quite literally) covers a variety of fields of careers that can be pursued after graduation. Apart from practising as an architect, there are several options that can be opted.

Interior Designer

In simple terms, architecture deals with designing exteriors and interior designing focuses on the interiors as suggested. This definition does not justify the work it follows. It isn’t mere decoration inside the house. People spend the majority of their time inside some building which makes interior designing even more essential in today’s times. The design process for interior design and architecture might vary but in the end both of these fields bring in a sense of completeness to the whole structure.

Top view of architects/ interior designer hands working with tablet computer, material sample on desk

Furniture Designer

Deriving similar characteristics from interior design, the furniture around us is also crucial. Furniture has the power to make or break the whole design of the room. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing to look at, the furniture around must meet the ergonomic standards so that it’s comfortable. Architecture is studied for the people, anthropometry is the study of the dimensions of humans and it plays a key factor in designing spaces. Furniture design also involves understanding human proportions and creating furniture that’s not just an artistic piece but also serves the function.

Product Designer

Product designing involves designing unique products or modifying existing ones for the ease of people. The ability to understand the people’s requirements is something that is inherent in architects which makes it an interesting field to pursue.

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Designer sketching drawing design Brown craft cardboard paper product eco packaging mockup box development template package branding Label . designer studio concept .

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the way in which we take in our world and identify it. It is invaluable when it comes to communication. It is something that has existed for centuries. The ability to visually translate ideas through words as well as supporting images or illustrations.

Fashion Designer

Architecture and fashion designing can prove to be a source of inspiration to each other. The sense of design can be employed in this field to bring about unique creations.

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Fashion Design_Ⓒ


User Experience is something that defines an Architect’s work. UI/UX design is about creating interfaces for the users in websites, apps, etc.


Not all artists can be architects but architects can easily pursue art! The aesthetic sense involved with art makes it interesting and not just that it’s easier to achieve gravity defying structures in an artistic world.

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The ability to understand space, form and design lays the foundation for animation. In any style of animation something that’s extremely important is the setting and context, which is where architecture would play an important role.

Film Maker

Architecture is related to film making, just like how each building has a narrative and thought process behind its creation that very concept could be applied to films.

Set Designing

Set or stage might be a smaller platform but the creative flow required to bring the design to life redefines the whole project. It is more story and context driven. Architecture deals with conceptual environments and that can be applied to this field.

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Set Design_Ⓒ

Urban Planner

Architecture on a large scale is what can describe an urban planner in simple words. Meticulous planning of cities leads to development of the city and the country in return. Apart from that, it not just impacts the present, urban planning can make or break the future development. A well planned city always has an added advantage, especially when talking about urbanism, urban planning becomes an important field.

Architectural Journalism

This field focuses on reporting and analysing the built environment. The builtin quality of architects to express themselves using a descriptive language to support the projects consisting of plans, sections and different views.

Architectural Photography

Photography is not just about capturing a moment, it also deals with storytelling and creating a narrative. Every structure has its own story and purpose. Apart from that every photo is composed in a certain way based on certain principles.

Heritage Conservator

Societies get shaped by the heritage that is preserved. Glimpses of the past reflect the future. Apart from the historic or cultural significance, conservation of building becomes even more important when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint. Restoration of such buildings would provide a beautiful solution.

It’s safe to assume that architecture covers all things design and Architects can branch out to other fields whenever they are bored or maybe that’s just an exaggeration. Either way, there are many opportunities available for Architects.

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