“The space I want is a design indiscernible”, the documentary director tells.

The director looks for a space that is versatile to impromptus, a dynamic experience his work often demands.

We decided to create a space that is “under construction” to interpret the space the director asks for.

Project name: Number 66 Studio – A Filmmaking Learning Compound
Architect firm: Atelier Boter
Lead architects: Chung-Kai Hsieh, Wen Shan Foo
Project location: Pingtung City, Taiwan
Completion year: 2020
Gross built area: 21m2
Photo credits: James Lin, Pei Tzu Chen

Number 66 Studio – A Filmmaking Learning Compound By Atelier Boter - Sheet8
@James Lin, Pei Tzu Chen

The construction of each element of the space stops right when the most fundamental requirement meets; the general space is free of further renders.

The metal studs are exposed, the unpainted calcium silicate boards cover the metal structure only partially, the power sockets are installed on minimally cut wooden pieces; the wooden reinforcement above the sliding door is also left unconcealed as there is nothing to hide.

Number 66 Studio – A Filmmaking Learning Compound By Atelier Boter - Sheet12
@James Lin, Pei Tzu Chen

The only material used to fully cover the metal structure is the hollow polycarbonate panels in order to form a solid partition; through its translucency it displays the structural elements within it.

The only ceiling in the office area is to simplify the sight of the overly complex piping above, at the same time seals the opening of the piping closet that was unfinished from the previous users.

Number 66 Studio – A Filmmaking Learning Compound By Atelier Boter - Sheet4
@James Lin, Pei Tzu Chen

The general space inherits the previous concrete base structure. However, the wall surfaces had been heavily plastered. The attempt to remove the thick coat of plaster was halted due to excessive dust created during the grinding process. The remaining plaster on the upper wall was made into an artwork by our wall painter using white coating to improvise an organic paintwork; they say it’s an artwork made by the halt of construction.

Number 66 Studio – A Filmmaking Learning Compound By Atelier Boter - Sheet13
@James Lin, Pei Tzu Chen

As the learning compound serves mainly students with disabilities, we anticipate the 1.2m x 1.2m platform right before the sliding door to provide a mental preparation for the students, with the 1.8-meter-long planter as a welcoming gesture. We deliberately chose plants with obvious branches that allow a peep through to the moon-like light when it’s dark.

What we contemplate in the design is not whether the dimensions comply with the regulations for disabled access, but whether the people with disabilities can experience the beauty of “slowness” – that should not be peculiar to them, but a mutual enjoyment.

Atelier Boter

Atelier Boter is founded by Chung Kai Hsieh (Kai) and Wen Shan Foo (Wen) in Pingtung, south of Taiwan. Kai and Wen met as classmates during their study at the Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalunya (IaaC) in Barcelona. Born and raised in different countries, Kai and Wen enjoy their difference in spatial concepts and have been attempting to utilize different perspectives to explore various approaches to achieve well balanced spaces.

Kai and Wen


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