Social media can be overwhelming at times. With so many trends to follow and maintaining the perfect profile, it loses its meaning of entertainment for some. But that is for the ones who are addicted to the mainstream platforms. Nonetheless, the online world is seeing a hike in other kinds of platforms as well. Communities that share similar interests can meet online to create platforms where they can easily share their thoughts. These platforms are called Niche social media platforms (Jones, 2023). 

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What are Niche Social Media Platforms?

Niche social media platforms have a wider range of services than mainstream ones. Providing condensed interest in specific topics or hobbies creates a personalized space for its users. It provides a safe place for people to bond over their experiences and share their joy in their interests. DeviantArt is an example of a niche community for artists who like to share their artworks and opinions on them (Jones, 2023). Behance is an online circle that allows designers, architects, graphic designers, and people of creative fields to post their designs online. Niche social media platforms give students or professionals a chance to showcase their talent and also learn from each other (Eilers, 2020).

What is making Niche Platforms gain popularity?

The fact that mainstream social media platforms are now becoming hard to keep up with, is making people search for platforms that can be customized according to one’s needs. Niche social media platforms are intended to attract a smaller number of people who share the same curiosity. This helps them to connect with the right category of people, thus providing them with a feeling of belonging to a circle who have identical thought processes (Jones, 2023). 

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These platforms allow their users to have a more customized experience. As these platforms can be adjusted according to the need, it offers more focused and organized events. With focused topics, it becomes easier for its user to find content that match their interests. They can reach out to people who have the same hobbies and can also engage in business with them. It’s more comfortable for them to grow their connections. As a result, the media are becoming even more enjoyable for their users, which is leading to the gain of its popularity. Another reason is that the platforms allow their users to interact with other people online. Therefore, they are not required to meet in person. this eventually allows us to break barriers and reach around the globe. The platforms make it possible to interact over the same interests in depth to make a better connection (Jones, 2023). 

How are Niche Platforms bringing communities together?

The platforms provide a common space for people with the same interests to meet and build connections. Students and professionals can seek out these sites to gain knowledge, share experiences, or ask for advice. Thus establishing a connection among its members that, in the long run, creates a community. Members feel comfortable enough to freely share their ideas and notions and get opinions on them. This brings out like-minded people together who like to work towards a similar outcome (Jones, 2023).

The platform allows it to foster genuine connections among its members faster than other social media platforms. Since the members are sorted, and the sites are organized based on interests and hobbies, it is easier to find like-minded people on these platforms rather than on mainstream media. Making connections has always been a priority for humans, whether it is to grow a business or to survive. In today’s competitive world, these platforms are letting people make connections and grow together instead. With centred interest, it is easier to reach the target audience through a meaningful experience (Jones, 2023). 

Conversations are key points when it comes to interests and hobbies. Niche social media platforms make sure that communication is done smoothly among interested parties. The platforms provide a stage for people with similar opinions to speak up. This can lead to meaningful conversations that can again lead to the creation of something new (Jones, 2023). 

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Communities grow bigger when they have a sense of safety. These platforms cater to a safe space for people to come together, allowing them to be comfortable and be in their zone. This feature of the other side of social media is highly appreciated by many around the world. Individuals who have difficulty connecting with the outside world or come face to face can use these platforms to connect with their likes online. This boosts their confidence and also allows them to have an opinion that matters on topics that they are interested in (Jones, 2023).

What is the need for having Niche Media Platforms?

Despite having a common mainstream media platform, niche social media just like its name, brings people with the same interest under one roof. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are a part of mainstream social media. With so many contents and trends, people who have the same interests may not find each other, either because it does not necessarily reach its target audience or the users may find themselves lost. The reach of mainstream media is on a larger basis, whereas niche platforms focus on a smaller group having common interests. The platform has lesser content but does not lack any for the given topic. These platforms don’t use many advertisements, meaning it focus only on the interests and do not disturb the users with unnecessary content (Jones, 2023).

Mainstream media has now become a junction where people having different kinds of interests come together to advertise their products or state their opinions. With so much information, confusion is bound to follow. Niche platforms allow users to market their products to the right audience (Meltwater). Therefore, the rise of niche platforms allows users to experience user-friendly social media that caters to their interests and allow them to make meaningful connections with other people who have the same interest. 


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