Architecture is a very interesting course to define yourself, it provides you secure and unique lifestyle. Architecture is the only course that provides you the many options in your career and for that, you must know about these interesting facts, which is providing you to do your own business for self-sustain and independence in your life.

During this architecture course, you have to teach some foundation-based subjects of architecture although all subjects are important subjects but would explain some basic of the architecture course subjects, like Design (Core subject), Building Services, Climatology, & building construction, and materials. Those need to be explained.

Design (Core Subject)

Design is the imagination of our thought process that starts from a point that creates all shapes of the building or product. In design, making a concept is the first step to do, the concept is your evolution of design work, and it is based on the function & form of the building also learned about the state building bye-laws. 

Building Services 

Building services give you the knowledge of how the building can be procured from, leakage, cracks, dampness, wall treatment, roof slab treatment, roof gardening, etc. of the building. 

Career Advice: Specializations and Career Paths - Sheet1
Institutional Building Sketch

Building Construction

Building Construction is a very ancient activity of humans. It starts with the functional need for control of the environment to minimize the effects of climate. From this subject Faculty taught us the basics from 1st semester i.e. began from the brick all classes, types & isometrics views with proper and actual size. After that starts with Building Components and their function, Foundation, Plinth & Walls, Partition walls, cavity wall, Sill, Lintel, Doors and Windows, Floor, Mezzanine floor, Roof, Columns, Beams, and Parapet. And thereafter section of a room with a layer embedded in it.

Career Advice: Specializations and Career Paths - Sheet2
Sketch of Construction Equipment (Masonary Trowel)

Architecture is the art of technique

Architecture is not just a graduation course it gives you the path of your ideas, and it comments on your design and your specialization that helps you to better your way. It provides you the personality to observe thinking of another person as what they want.

In Architecture career has a vast of career options that person has to choose from their interest, as they have to get knowledge from working in architecture firms, architecture practices government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc.(give options to find your taste of work) This would provide understanding to find the best fit for their interests, skills, and goals.

Nowadays, many architects work as freelance, practice, and work as an employee. There is very much competition in it. Now the client has also a selection of architects, with whom they want to work. Who will provide them with satisfactory work that only will give work? Architects are the consultant for a building design to execution and construction who suggest the contractor, client, and all vendors from time to time. And guide the client about the building bylaws that architects only have the authority to sanction their drawing and provide CC (completion certificate).

After completing the B.Arch course, Students can join government offices like Municipal Corporations, CPWD, National Building Organizations & Semi Government offices after clearing their exams and interviews. Although there are many private organizations too for work like.

Cp Kukreja

Morphogenesis Architects

Sunando Dasgupta And Associates

Eternity Architects & Interiors 

And Many More

Qualities for being A Good Architect 

Some basic qualities about the architecture before you preceding that. From this information, you would understand how the architecture firms run and what you need to understand. Architecture is not just a degree course, this is providing better space with quality of work to the society. And society only provides you the feedback about you and art & knowledge. And that is only the chance to grow up better. Architects provide consultancy to a client who wants their building in spatial design, safety management, aesthetically approved, material management, etc. so that is not a single person’s work to complete, there are many peoples to connect with who are completely initiating the project. An architect has mainly predefined the consultant and guided them with his knowledge and experience. All project consultant presence also would be intimate further in the article. That is why these qualities should be there in architects.


Self-awareness in this architecture work is all about getting a stronger grip on technical work in architecture & a new era of design. These factors play a big role in how you think, understand, and provide that work to the client.

Deep thinking is a point of the human mind where people can concentrate to find creative or outside-the-box designs. It’s a process where people can open their minds to new possibilities and work.

Good observation is basically to give you thought that what your subject is. You do whatever you are doing but your mind should keep concentrated on the work you are doing.


Architecture gives a productive impact on your knowledge, which you can provide or serve knowledge to better the society. So if you are doing or planning to do the architecture course, you have to understand these all points. There are many technical points that you would cover during the course, but the course would not provide you with 100 percent knowledge about this course. Then we learn more technical details, when we do that work with passion and penetration.

The technical terms seasonal effect, seismic effect, building structure, rain protection, landscape, and beatification of the building are like words we learn from work in an architecture firm.

By Ar. Tikam Singh

Mr. Tikam Singh is a professional architect and Visiting faculty in the architecture department. He is on his journey to share his interest in architecture, details design, and content creation. Besides these things, he played in championships up to the district level& got Medals in Tae-Kwan-Do & he loves dancing and singing to enjoy life in his free time.

“Architecture is a discipline”

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Ar. Tikam Singh (Visiting Faculty in, architecture and Planning) He finished his Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the DCRUST, Murthal Sonipat Haryana in 2014. Thereafter, completed his master’s degree from SPA Vijayawada in 2016. His master’s thesis focused on understanding Urban Redevelopment along Metro Using Land Re-Adjustment as a Tool. He has experience of over seven years in research, industry and teaching, & he has 4 publications with international journals. After M.PIan he joined NASVI (National Association of Street Vendors of India) There, he has worked on Preparation of street vending plan project in Dehradun (Uttrakhand & Pilot Project on Street Vending Plan Gurugram Haryana. This covers social work for the people. Thereafter, he has been associated with REPL Noida as an Assistant Manager GIS. There, he worked on Preparation of street vending plan projects in Haryana. At Present, Since February 2019, he is teaching in the Department of Architecture & Planning in DCRUST Murthal. Simultaneously, he is doing his architecture practice. His resume shows that, he has been consistently rewarded for hard work. These rewards are a direct result of his expertise.