Architecture is a significant driver of tourism, associated with cultural and traditional beliefs. A particular architectural structure turns into a landmark of the city or country to travel to that specific destination. Speaking of travel wheels, drive to architectural styles for unique experiences. 

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Tourist population in the scenic views of Santorini,  Greece.  Heidi Kaden_


Visitors always perceive how visually appealing the architectural styles of the destination are. Tourism’s relation with architecture is the different cultural influences of the regions, reflected through buildings and surroundings. The art in the form of the building, with the authenticity in each element, gives a varying flow of experience from one place to another. Adventure is the thrill humans never want to miss in a lifetime, and each destination traditionally surprises them. The common ground is people’s interest in exploring varying attachments to every place they visit, leading to creating its own culture and building a connection between Architecture, adventure, and culture in travel. 


The reason behind adding value to Architectural hotspots under social and financial aspects is to pull the tourism crowd from around the world for the increase in economic value as traveling is always the trend to escape from the present world. The development of an architectural structure or the whole urban development is given significant importance due to tourist growth, which brings a wholesome economic value to the place.

Architectural Photography

Lombard Street in San Francisco, USA. Attention seeking from around the world. Lewis Lui

In the era of social media, people want to share their experiences about their travel, where architecture plays a backdrop leaving an emotion on another individual to seek a similar experience in that place. 


Architectural tours are set up by the government in many cities for tourists to visit substantial historic and iconic monuments. The tourist learns more about the architectural styles, culture, and design philosophies. 


Wonders of the world are famous destinations, which solely explains the Architectural attraction of tourism.

The Taj Mahal in India is the symbol of pure love expressed in the form of architecture, white marble. A small town in India that would not be known to the whole world if not for the divine structure. Architectural style built by the Mughal Empire during the era. 

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Taj Mahal in white attire of marble._

The Great Wall of China was built for the prevention of invasions and raids, while it failed to achieve them, it is one of the most visited places around the world, being a parallel wall stretching about 8850 km long. Chinese architectural style is implemented with the hip and gabled roof, also known as the Xieshan roof.  

The Colosseum in Rome has its whole history in the construction and culture, yet people travel to re-live in the place. The magnificence of the structure still leaves an imprint on Earth and the future. Rome‘s style of architecture with the rigid stone structure symbolizes its strength built for the highly challenging physical sports. 

Machu Picchu is located in Peru, South America. One of the standings still pre-Columbian ruins, on the Andes  Mountains with residential, agricultural terraces, and temples. 

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Machu Picchu in the mountains of Andes with tourism flow_

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, even today, remains a mystery on the massive construction of the structure. Humans are like ants measured to the proportion of the structure yet built. People visit the place only to have a visual treat in true size more than in screen images.

Christ the Redeemer, a sign of peace given to the USA by France during the world war. The tall structure of Jesus has been a landmark ever since.

Chichen Itza in Mexico, under the Mayan tribe Itza. They built more stepped pyramids and temples, magnetizing the crowd to see these incredible Architectural styles. 

You say Paris memory takes you to the Eiffel Tower, the significance of love, that is the power of architecture to always take you back to a memory or to hoping to create one.

Dubai and Singapore have high tourism attractions due to the high-rise buildings and the development of the city and country. It has one of the highest-paying revenue in the country. 

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Singapore floating in Architecture_

Today people would love to travel to a particular destination for a reason not just architectural building but the whole urban culture and experience put together by the collective architectural styles and traditional adventures. 

The stories behind every monument are the reasons for any person willing to visit and re-live in their format of thoughts. As an architectural monument, it has reached out to people more than the story itself.  


Materialism is one, and wanting to experience life in a different format is another. The discussion of travel starts with architectural experiences by providing a focal point. Architecture has always been the expression of the lifestyle of the people. The source of history is explained and evolved in the form of architecture; its empathy for the cultural beliefs of people and the experience of intangibility with the approach of visual experience is what brings to the plate of tourism. 


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