Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Sheng, one of the largest cities, is located in the central part of the province of the Republic’s China.  It is situated along the southern banks of the “Yellow River”. Zhengzhou is one of the oldest cities in China, archaeological findings have shown proof of Neolithic settlement in that area. The outside periphery of this city holds remains of large public buildings and a complex of small settlements has been discovered. 

Excavations of the Shang era at the city of Zhengzhou, have discovered a design that begins to require on ancient Chinese form: large stuff walls encircling the emerging urban centers, linear buildings revealed on rammed-earth foundations (layers of earth pounded too hard hardness and durability), and postholes of timber buildings with wattle-and-daub walls (woven rods and twigs lined and plastered with clay) and thatched roofs. 

There is no sign of the structural use of brick or stone or tile roofs in any of the sites. Retaining the heritage and the newly emerging techniques in architecture, here are some of the places which an architect must visit to understand the historical heritage and culture of this city.

1. Songyue Pagoda

Songyue Pagoda - Sheet1
Elevation of Songyue Pagoda ©Wei-cheng Lin
Songyue Pagoda - Sheet2
Elevation of Songyue Pagoda ©Wei-cheng Lin

The Songyue Temple Pagoda is situated at the south foot of Songshan Mountain, 7 kilometers northwest of Dengfeng County in Henan Province. 

The pagoda is encircled by slopes and is the oldest block pagoda with a thick overhang. With tops rising in a steady progression, the view is extremely lovely. The Songyue Temple was initially named the Xianjü Temple. It was the mid-year or winter castle for Emperors Xuanwu and Xiaoming in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534).

2. Zhongyuan Tower

Zhongyuan Tower
Elevation of Zhongyuan Tower ©HelloTravel.com

Zhongyuan Tower, also called Henan Radio and Television Tower is situated in Zhengzhou, Henan region, China. It is a multi-utilitarian commercial, aesthetic and social centre incorporating radio and TV broadcasting, the travel industry, cross-border exchange, socio-cultural exchange, cooking, and recreation. The pinnacle is 268 meters high and the top receiving wire is 120 meters high, with all-out tallness of 388 meters. It is the world’s second-tallest, steel tower after the Tokyo Skytree.

3. Zhengzhou City God Temple

Zhengzhou City God Temple - Sheet1
Zhengzhou city god temple ©www.trip.ch

Zhengzhou City God Temple is situated on the northern side of Shangcheng Road of Zhengzhou City. It is the biggest and oldest architectural complex in Henan Province. The temple was first implicit in the early 14th century. The temple was crushed by natural disasters and by individuals. Presently, it is utilized to show society craftsmanship and artworks for fairs. The principle structures incorporate Mountain Gate, Front Hall, Happy Building, Main Temple Hall, and the Emperor’s Resting Place and a great deal of work of art is shown.

Zhengzhou City God Temple - Sheet2
Zhengzhou city god temple ©www.trip.ch

4. Ruyi Lake 

Ruyi Lake
Ruyi lake night view ©www.Wikipedia

Ruyi Lake is a 0.9 mile (2,000-venture) course situated close to Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, China. This course has a rising gain of around 0 ft. The view from this lake shows the glorious horizon of the recently evolved city of Zhengzhou.

5. Jiayingguan 

With red walls and blue tiles, cut bars, and painted structures, the delightful “Little Yellow River Palace”. Structures, patios and structures, blossoms reflect green and charming, acclaim “Yuchuan Sai Jiangnan”. The Yellow River from Wuzhi to the lower compasses of the Yimapingchuan River is inclined to flooding. Since ancient occasions, this is the place where the Yellow River is critical. 

The Jiaying Temple was set up during the Yongzheng time of the Qing Dynasty, which regarded the divine force of the stream as well as filled in as the seat of the waterway office. The general style is the Qing Dynasty architecture, the current structures are all around saved, and the patio format is thorough, which is extremely helpful for understanding old structures. The east of the yard is the Museum of Huanzhi. 

A large portion of the waterway divine beings in the castle are renowned priests throughout the entire existence of stream administration. There are sculptures of King Yu and Yongzheng at the back, which appear to remain behind, simply comprehending.

Jiayingguan  - Sheet1
Jiayingguan © www.trip.ch
Jiayingguan  - Sheet2
Jiayingguan © www.trip.ch
Jiayingguan  - Sheet3
Jiayingguan © www.trip.ch

6. Henan Geological Museum

Henan topographical is a set of archeology and historical center. It has a bunch of 130,000 bits of cultural relics through the ages. In addition to its collection of mankind’s set of experiences, the exhibition hall is furthermore home to a few relics including dinosaur bones and fossils. Henan Museum’s current structure, which opened in 1997, occupies a neighborhood of every 100,000 square feet, with a total floor space of 78,000 square feet.

Henan Geological Museum
Henan geological museum ©www.trip.ch

7. Lamborghini Exhibition Centre 

Lamborghini, one of the best-known automobile manufacturers in the world for its supercar, works tirelessly pushing the envelope and evolving the company’s corporate culture, creating a series of dream sports vehicles. 

Lamborghini has over one hundred dealerships throughout the world, but the only fee embodies a unique architectural design. Lamborghini exhibition center in Zhengzhou China is Lamborghini’s third independent designed exhibition center globally, after Milano and Dubai, Designed by PMA (Polymorph Architects).

Lamborghini Exhibition Centre - Sheet1
Lamborghini exhibition center © Zhi Xia
Lamborghini Exhibition Centre - Sheet2
Lamborghini exhibition center © Zhi Xia

8. Haishang Plaza 

Haishang Plaza is found within the utmost residential area of Northwest Zhengzhou city of Henan Province and is meant to be a premier shopping and entertainment destination. Requested by a developer, Archimorphic applies imaginative design language to this plot, to make this architecture to be a unique landmark in the area. 

The design incorporates a mixed-use program including SOHO and LOFT towers, an inside mall, and an outside lifestyle retail space. The commercial programs throughout the indoor and outdoor shopping areas include retail, food & beverage, entertainment, and cultural activities.

Haishang Plaza - Sheet1
Haishang Plaza ©Zhongzhou Ke
Haishang Plaza - Sheet2
Haishang Plaza ©Zhongzhou Ke

9. Zhengzhou Jianye Football Town Tourist Centre

Jianye Football Town, a town of sports style inside the Cherry Valley Scenic Area, Erqi District, Zhengzhou, coordinates with it the common view, sports, entertainment, and culture. The place of interest lies at the entryway and speaks to the picture of the football town, and subsequently the proprietor, Jianye Group, normally trusts that it’s exceptional, eye-catching, and extraordinary. The trouble in the plan lies in what means can a unique structure mix perfectly with the neighborhood.

Zhengzhou Jianye Football Town Tourist Centre - Sheet1
Zhengzhou Jianye ftooball town tourist center © Yijie Hu
Zhengzhou Jianye Football Town Tourist Centre - Sheet2
Zhengzhou Jianye football town tourist center © Yijie Hu

10. Zhengzhou Twin Towers 

Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, is encountering continuous development. To get ready for this development, a substitute railroad station has been built recently towards the east of the town to make a focal traffic exchange. The new structure’s axis toward the west, an axis that leads from the new railroad station towards the town community, similar to an entry to the town. 

The high-rise structure forms a vertical counterpoise to the level structure of the railroad station. A plaza between the towers shapes a connecting component. Owing to the height of 284 meters, the double towers are fundamentally over the opposite high-rise structures inside the region and, as a character making structures inside the horizon of Zhengzhou, are noticeable from far.

Zhengzhou Twin Towers - Sheet1
Zhengzhou twin towers © Jianghe Zeng
Zhengzhou Twin Towers - Sheet2
Zhengzhou twin towers © Jianghe Zeng

11. Exhibition Centre of Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park

Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park is the biggest inventive and business venture base for R&D and creation of life science and biotechnology in Henan Province, China. Its advancement and limitless potential for development are significant components for architects to consider. 

The curvilinear entry that one can wander about is the axis and associates the north and hence the south of the recreation center. The display focal point of a circular structure, whose plan is coordinated into the central landscape, is found inside the focal point of the hub. It is organized layering and a feeling of value makes it the milestone construction that goes before the advancement of the recreation center.

Exhibition Centre of Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park - Sheet1
Exhibition center © RUIJING Photography
Exhibition Centre of Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park - Sheet2
Exhibition center © RUIJING Photography
Exhibition Centre of Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park - Sheet3
Exhibition center © RUIJING Photography

12. Vita – The Fortune Bridge

The project is found on the Shopping Boulevard of Vita Rive Gauche in Zhengzhou, China. The aim is taking the advantage of its traffic to build a zone in commercial use yet fulfilled with unique experience scenarios.

As the main lead into Shopping Boulevard, the bridge represents the hope of providing the kids with emotional support. It is thus defined as “the Fortune Bridge”. The bridge of fortune locks onto your happiness! When visitors arrive here, they would write down their names and wishes on their lock, and attach it to the Special rail.

Vita - The Fortune Bridge - Sheet1
Vita - The Fortune Bridge - Sheet2

13. Hanhai Luxury Condominiums

Harmony with nature began from an ecological ethic – non-anthropocentrism, i.e., to treat the types of the entire planet similarly, while human-centric morals hold that solitary populace has virtue. Engineers center around changing structures into a typical home for both people and different creatures and plants: by increasing the “vertical forests” framework, assembling a high-density city of biodiversity. 

Hanhai Luxury Condominiums - Sheet1
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums © Terrence Zhang
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums - Sheet2
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums © Terrence Zhang
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums - Sheet3
Hanhai Luxury Condominiums © Terrence Zhang

14. Erqi Memorial Tower

The Erqi Tower was built on Michaelmas, 1971, to commemorate the fixing of the Workers’ Union of Beijing-Hankou Railway also because of the strike of rail workers held at Zhengzhou Pule on February 7, 1923. The tower has altogether 14 stories, a total of 63 meters in height, and a winding stair inside the tower brings you up to the top floor, where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city of Zhengzhou.

Erqi Memorial Tower - Sheet1
Erqi Memorial Tower ©chinadaily.com.cn
Erqi Memorial Tower - Sheet2
Erqi Memorial Tower © chinadaily.com.cn

15. Zhengzhou No.130 Middle School  

“Open space” as the concept entry point, Zhengzhou No. 130 secondary school builds an intensive campus through the building of “group courtyard” and “two-floor dynamic platform”; by following the general style of architecture, it realizes the contemporary expression of traditional culture; that specialize in detail and space design, it presents the sweetness of architectural details with top quality. 

Zhengzhou No.130 Middle School - Sheet1
Middle School © MLEE
Zhengzhou No.130 Middle School - Sheet2
Middle School © MLEE
Zhengzhou No.130 Middle School - Sheet3
Middle School © MLEE

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