Architects, almost every day, make a list of places to visit next or at least in a lifetime. And we bring yet another fascinating destination for you to add to that list. Amongst all the other 17,000 islands that Indonesia has, Bali stands out the most. Considered one of the most peaceful and stunning places, the island of Bali includes distinct elements that pull architects toward it throughout the year. 

It is enthralling to see how the tropical architecture is painted all over the island amid the beaches, magnificent views, and other sights. This island has an influence from varied cultures like ancient Javanese and the Hindu but has also developed its architectural style based on various philosophies.  

Enough with gushing over this place, and let’s dive right into 10 reasons why architects must visit Bali.

1. Secret door to rejuvenation | Must Visit Bali

Don’t we all want a break from our daily deadline pressures and site issues? There are many examples in Bali that will content you by giving you a great experience. Some spots are famous, and a few that are hiding are the ones you should be looking for. These points hidden behind a waterfall or a river, or maybe a garden, let you be there to relax and rejuvenate your mind.  

10 Reasons why architects must visit Bali - Sheet1
Niagara Mayung Puteq ©

2. For Architecture! Unquestionably

Traveling to a place for its architecture is the first thing on the selection criteria, undoubtedly. Interestingly, Bali has a building norm to keep the architecture of the island maintained and which is that no building can be built higher than the average height of a coconut tree there (15 meters). To name a few structures that you must visit are Green School, which is a learning place for students and works as an architectural sight, and Tanah Lot, which is perfect for capturing a postcard or wallpaper. The school, however, is a bit unique with its bamboo usage, ponds on the pathways, exquisite courtyards, and rooftops inspired from villages.  

10 Reasons why architects must visit Bali - Sheet2
Hideout / Studio WNA ©

3. Umpteen geological marvels | Must Visit Bali

Beyond the numerous beaches and temples, Bali gloriously flaunts its natural elegance. Mountainous spots, canyons, breathtaking waterfalls, picturesque lakes, floral gardens, rivers, rice fields, and lush greenery all together form Bali’s landscape. Architects always look for spots to take their camera out and capture it, and Bali satisfies the photographer in you.  

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Rice Terraces in Bali ©

4. The striking island of Temples

This tropical island is quite a religious place with the majority following the Balinese Hinduism. But even if you are not that religious, visiting the temples for its outstanding architecture should be on your schedule. This place has temples on every route and one better than another. Uluwatu temple, Gunung Lebah and Goa Lawah are few of the many that are worth your attention. 

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The Mother temple of Besakih ©

5. For the sun and water!- Beaches | Must Visit Bali

Witness some striking shorelines of the world along with beautiful beaches. Seminyak Beach, Padang Beach, Legian Beach, and Keramas Beach with black volcanic sands are a few to name that offer activities and nightlife. However, finding secret beaches should be on your task list. Few secret beaches are heavenly and cannot be found in the travel guides but only discovered if searched well. Be nice to the Balinese people, and maybe they can unleash some secrets!

The view over Kelingking Beach – Nusa Penida ©
The view over Kelingking Beach – Nusa Penida ©

6. The Art Attack

Balinese art and craft will surely touch your artistic chord hard. From performance art to intricate painting to wood crafts, Bali has it all housed together for you to notice at every nook and corner. In addition to that, their love for art goes beyond the canvas to mind-bending bamboo structures. And some shops are crafted of handmade art radiating creativeness. 

Bali coffee seedlings ©
Bali coffee seedlings ©

7. Coffee Paradise

Coffee-Architect is one of the most magical duos in the architecture field. And there will be a majority of you saying yes to this. Isn’t it? An enormous production of coffee happens in Bali in the middle of two active volcanoes. Besides that, you get to enjoy a nice locally sourced cup of coffee in coffee shops all over Bali or the highlands where the production takes place. Honestly, it is a coffee paradise for architects who have a different connection with it altogether.

Bali coffee seedlings ©
Bali coffee seedlings ©

8. Balinese extraordinary culture | Must Visit Bali

Visiting a city that still holds the culture firmly to its roots with ever-increasing development is inspiring for growing architects. Moreover, the humble people there, full of harmony and kindness, make it easy to travel and explore beyond. The influence of India, the Dutch, and China there tells a lot about the history of this island. But undoubtedly, the friendly nature of the Balinese people calls visitors again and then again.

Culture ©
Culture ©

9. Food Sanctuary

Bali serves an array of dishes famous in Balinese culture. Whether you go for a streetscape walk and decide to munch there or you halt at a restaurant, you will not be disappointed. Besides, the architecture and interior of the restaurants are worth your attention. The designs are unique and exciting, and we recommend you try Balinese food.

Food ©
Food ©

10. Eco-friendly stays | Must Visit Bali

Architects love the word sustainable or eco-friendly. Don’t we? Bali treats that with the eco-friendly hotels to stay. However, it does not end here, as there are huge tree-houses and other stays carved out from natural elements. What else could an architect ask from a place that awards you with unique accommodations keeping you inspired? 

The Alchemist (Balangan) ©
The Alchemist (Balangan) ©


Once you visit the place, you will notice how this island is so traditional. However, it sure has adapted the modern vibe and fit it with the heritage well. These 10 reasons would be enough to convince you to plan a trip to Bali. Even if you have little time, as we architects mostly do, we can still manage to pacify our architecture thirst in a few days there.       


When Tanya was little, she’d spend hours, weaving stories. Not much has changed since then, except the imagination changed to reality. When she is not writing, you’ll find her engrossed in reading books, Mandala, dancing, or some DIY project. If not here, then she must be in the kitchen, munching.