A profession that requires utmost exposure and life experience, genuinely coming from traveling. Traveling to different destinations and summing up the journey in a box of memories is essential in this creative fiend of art architecture and design. True designs are inspired and created in this portentous world. Pictures, sketch postcards, snippets are all the tasks an avid traveler does. Travelling is exuberating for creative genius souls. 

Below is a list of countries architects must visit to witness the aspiring architecture around the world once in their lifetime.

1. Barcelona

The city in the Barcelona province in Spain is situated a few 90 kilometers from the French Riviera borders. This city is an enchanting destination along the seaside for nature-loving wanderlusts. Ar. Antonio Gaudi’s work can be spotted almost in the entire locality. Grand works of him, like La Sagrada Familia, are till date in the phase of completion. His mesmerizing, mosaic tile fashion of fenestrations and facades along with organic formations of the structures, truly makes this tourist attraction top the list. 

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2. Istanbul

The present-day Istanbul is situated in turkey. Once known as Constantinople by the grace of the then ruler Constantine. This country is a gem on its own due to the ambiance, the fantastic climatic conditions, amazing city planning, and infrastructure of course. Some wondrous sites are situated on this land like the widely renowned Hagia Sophia. A mosque which was once a church, a gathering hall, a museum, and now a shrine. It is also called a blue mosque due to the blue tile stucco all over it. A country that shouldn’t be missed in this list for sure.

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3. New York city

One of the most iconic cities in the world. NYC or simply New York City is the densest populous city of the United States of America. It is the fashion capital too and rich in architectural commodities. Right from the empire state building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, etc.

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4. Dubai

Situated in the gulf archipelago, Dubai is a hotspot of modern architecture. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is to the merit of Dubai. The astounding city planning and design are key aspects of the wondrous flourishment of the country. This country is no doubt very in natural resources, but the challenge accomplished is the way it all has been utilized. Architects must visit this country for a Saudi exposure of art and craft along with the flourished and advanced may hay of this country.

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5. Shanghai

Municipality of China, Shanghai is a hub of technology, innovation, trade, and architectural gems. Shanghai Port is the busiest container port. This country is all about modern architecture. The shanghai central theatre, Himalayan center, designed by art Arata Isozaki is amongst the most extraordinary structures in the world. Shanghai is home to Asia’s tallest towers and multiple skyscrapers all around.

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6. Athens

If heaven on earth is said to be there, then Athens is where it is. Located in Greece, Athens is world-famous for its spectacular ruins. Magnificent historical built structures like the Parthenon, the temple of Athena, etc. Athens is one place every architect needs to travel to. To understand the scale and proportion and the Greek style of architecture travel to this abode of Athena is a must.

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7. Chicago

Officially a city of the united states of Illinois, Chicago is home to the great architect of all time, ar. Frank Lloyd Wright. Every architect once in Chicago must pay a visit to his mind blowing studios and apartments where some of his path-breaking and highly creative designs emerged. Some famous structures to spot here, Willis tower, cloud gate, etc.

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8. Berlin

This is the largest city in the European Union. Berlin is the capital of Germany and is a destination with numerous architectural wonders. It is very artistic as well as a scenic location for architects seeking inspiration in their work life. Some cool designs present over here are Altes Museum, Reichstag and Das Rotes Rathaus, and many more.

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9. Brussels 

Located in Belgium, with a hint of vintage medieval ambiance. Flower markets here and there surrounded by 17th-century structures still upright. Architects must-visit Musee Horta, the home of Belgian master architect Victor Horta. While on this travel spree, one can halt at seafood eateries at St. Catherine’s for a snack break delicacy. Clubs like St. Gerry club is loved by people and overly housefull all year round. 

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10. Canberra

Australia’s largest inland city, Canberra is home to culturally and traditionally rich infrastructure, cool climate, wineries, thriving local arts, and scenic natural beauty. The architectural style of art deco is evident in the buildings of Australia. Some of which are Cameron’s offices, the parliament of Australia, etc.

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The world is full of beauties and design excellence. One needs to step out to get inspired. Travelling is like fuel to the soul. In the quest to lead a happening and well-lived life, the key is travel and tourism, especially in fields like that of architecture.


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