The Shape of Light is an installation of large-scale ‘Antiprisms’ constructed from panels of clear and optically coated glass panels.

Studio Name: Shuster + Moseley
Design Team: Shuster + Moseley, Cundall, Derix
Area: Fine Art
Year: 2021
Location: D3, Dubai Design District
Consultants: ESPACE
Photography Credits: Jalal Abuthina and Shuster + Moseley

The Shape of Light By Shuster + Moseley - Sheet5
©Jalal Abuthina and Shuster + Moseley

The prismic forms are created by bevelling precise angles into the sides and corners of equilateral triangles, which are then hand-bonding together.

The Shape of Light By Shuster + Moseley - Sheet8
©Jalal Abuthina and Shuster + Moseley

Specially created for the public realm (D3, Dubai), the project investigates the spectral fingerprint produced by interfacing the passage of natural light with prismic geometries, considering the relationship between the immutable language of geometric form and the resulting interactive, generative clockwork of optical interactions and spectral projections that shift and morph through day and night.

©Jalal Abuthina and Shuster + Moseley

The works are intended to be experienced like future relics of our technological age, like boulders resting in a landscape, inviting meditative reflection on the relationship between the timeless and the timely.


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