In a strongly characterized context (the Vitali area, an industrial area dedicated to sheet metal working) and the suggestive location (under an enormous canopy obtained from the stripping line), the set-up has entrusted to a single constructive component (the European pallet, expressly requested by the client) the definition of the space and the methods of its use and perception.

Event | Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto 2022
Place | Italy – Turin, Dora Park – Vitali Area, 2022 september 22>26
Organizer | Slow Food Association, Città di Torino, Regione Piemonte
Exhibition setup | Slow Food Pillars Area
Production | Arneis s.r.l., Stipa s.p.a., D&D International Group s.r.l.
Designer | Giancarlo Zucca + Marco Zummo Architects (Unoazero Studio)

Slow Food Pillars Area by Unoazero Studio - Sheet2
©Unoazero Studio

Great walls were built which gradually unfold:

1_ to identify three thematic areas that illustrate the main activities of Slow Food and to guide the flows of the public, taken as a real compositional element;

2_ to intercept some fundamental elements that make up the structure of the Park; attempting to recover (also by counterpoint) further elements of value highlighted by the staging;

Slow Food Pillars Area by Unoazero Studio - Sheet3
©Unoazero Studio

3_ to guarantee the unity of the overall configuration, generating a perceptive tension towards the articulated metal structure of the stripping shed and some surrounding visual emergencies;

4_ to ensure the ongoing activities and pedestrian traffic a backdrop capable of accommodating highly heterogeneous presences, now envisaged by the project now of an extemporaneous nature.

©Unoazero Studio

In this way, a temporary entertainment event can help enliven public spaces, updating their ways of using them, infusing them with a different atmosphere and, above all, leaving traces of relationships and interpersonal rituals which constitute, even in the contemporary Onlife dimension, the premise of architecture and the continuity of the city.


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