A ‘Gateway’ is one of the most fundamental and significant architectural elements, holding immense significance throughout cultures and history. The design of a Gateway provides a brief glimpse of the imprint that the vagaries of time, community, and culture have left on any historical or contemporary urban fabric.

Project Name: Confluence
Studio Name: UnBox Design
Location: Mohali, Punjab
Team : Aman Issar, Ashley Grover
Client Brief: Greater Mohali Area Development Authority [GMADA] organised a competition inviting designs for the entrance gate of Punjab to Chandigarh International Airport in Mohali. The theme was a blend of modern & traditional architecture in the form of a monument/ structure highlighting the spirit of Punjab culture & heritage.

Confluence by UnBox Design - Sheet2
©UnBox Design

Our design is a tribute to the state, inspired by its flowing rivers and swaying fields. The structure, gently rising in colours of the soil, is an iconic symbol for the visitors passing and part of the deep identity of the people of the state.

The abstractions of nature are reflected in the fluid and dynamic roof form which appears to be seamlessly rising from the earth and reaching out to the skies. A strong metaphor is created signifying the state’s continuous economic, technological and cultural growth while still being rooted to the soil.

Confluence by UnBox Design - Sheet4
©UnBox Design

The form rises from the ground on sculptural RCC retaining walls with rafters and purlins of steel painted in earthen colours weaving seamlessly with each other. The materiality and structural composition are kept austere and truthful to their nature.

©UnBox Design

The design enables connection with the visitors, the undulating form opens different expressions from each point of view. It lets the user connect instead of just passing through. The gateway is redefined as an engaging architecture as opposed to a traditionally dividing element.


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