Waves of weaves is a story of exploring and investigating Fabric as a Design Material!
It is an exploration of connections between fabric, art and architecture.

We were invited to design an installation at the HGH exhibition to showcase a huge private collection of fabric and upholstery.

Project Name: Waves of Weaves
Studio Name: Surbhi rg Architects

Waves of Weaves by Surbhi rg Architects - Sheet6
©Surbhi rg Architects

Picking up from client’s brief, this project aims to break away from the conventional way of crafting an exhibit booth and converting it into an experiential space.

Waves of Weaves by Surbhi rg Architects - Sheet8
©Surbhi rg Architects

Waves of Weaves is a textile membrane which uses primarily one material “fabric” to create, define and divide spaces and at the same time it performs as an object to be viewed.

Waves of Weaves by Surbhi rg Architects - Sheet9
©Surbhi rg Architects

Experimenting with weaves of fabric in all dimensions of the space, this project constructs a “spatially rhythmic and evocative” free form which consumes you in the experience of interlacing of threads.


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