A late autumn afternoon, on the balcony with friends, admiring the sunset. On a summer day, enjoying the breeze that passes by the lunch table with the family. A winter morning, drinking coffee in silence in the kitchen, only acompanied with the sound of the wind moving the garden.

Project name: Itu House
Office location: São Paulo
Project conclusion: 2022
Total area (site): 250m²
Built area: 170m²
Project location: Itu, São Paulo
Lead architect: Denis Fujii
Photography credits: Hugo Chinaglia

Itu House By STUDIO DLUX - Sheet2
©Hugo Chinaglia

For just over a year, we immersed ourselves in the experience of building a summer and rental house, which could bring good times to be lived there. Our Itu House was, from the beginning, planned to capture the essence of those who will use each space in order to transform it into a home.

In the city of Itu, the house was built as an experiment to enhance good memories and understand what it really takes to transform the home into a welcoming place. The sloping terrain allows an incredible view of the horizon.

Itu House By STUDIO DLUX - Sheet5
©Hugo Chinaglia

The ground floor of Itu House is a large open space. Its layout allows cross ventilation from the cobogós facade, to the large glass doors that open to the view of the sunset. The architectural project is adapted to the hot days of the Itu region, with partitions only on the upper floor, ensuring the fluid passage of the winds and the interactions of those who experience the house.

With simple materials and finishes, the interior of Itu House brings the simplicity of the essentials for a vacation and rental home. The sliding doors, on the other hand, give new possibilities to the daily life of the residence – opening to the expanded exterior with the balcony that is an extension of the ground floor, or guaranteeing the desired privacy.

Itu House By STUDIO DLUX - Sheet8
©Hugo Chinaglia

On the upper floor, the three bedrooms are connected through a large central hall, next to the stairs. The windows next to each bed add to the charm of the facade and guarantee an incredible view for each guest! For each of the three bedrooms located on the upper floor of the residence, unique features are revealed through colors, shapes and materials. However, the identity between the spaces is the same, as it is based on what matters: the guests, their experiences and their memories.


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