It is critical to address sustainable architecture because it is virtually non-existent in Indian cities. With the concept that ‘nature knows best,’ architectural sustainability reflects the belief that it is vital to place human activities as a non-damaging element of the existing ecological landscape. Auroma is one of India’s Top 10 Sustainable Design Firms, specializing in Eco-Architecture, with over 20 years of expertise. The firm is an award-winning team of Architects, Sustainability & Building Engineers, Designers, WoodWorkers & Landscapists at Pondicherry, India. Pondicherry is frequently referred to as a “window to France.” Its rich colonial legacy is a unique example of French architecture on the Indian subcontinent.


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Auroma Group believes that a more sensitive approach to Sustainable Living is one of the most effective methods to create a more meaningful, joyful, and rewarding environment for communities and our planet. They are committed to engaging people with stories told through brick and mortar, soil, and lime. Auroma is headed by a sister-brother duo – Trupti & Viral Doshi who leads a team consisting of a passionate bunch of eco-friendly architects, integrated sustainability engineers, furniture designers, and ecologically sensitive builders.


Auroma Group envisions a world where Eco-friendly spaces nurture us, inspire us, enhance our sense of well-being. They specialize in creating Sustainable buildings ranging from Eco-friendly homes, schools, workplaces, offices, campuses, institutions, hotels, and resorts. They also engage in woodworks and craftsmanship.


Complete Architecture Package for Students

1. School for Integral Education

The project involves the creation of a school for experiential education ranging from kindergarten through high school. The location was a 15-acre organic farm with the present school running in a few improvised structures. The teachers and pupils (150 children ranging in age from 3 to 18) were housed in adjoining buildings on the farm. The learning style includes a mixed-age group and farm-based project-based learning. Water, waste, energy, and thermal comfort through natural means are all design strategies used in the project.

Project Type: Residential
Project Area: 11000 sq ft
Location: Indore

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2. Sharanam Cultural Centre

This project was co-designed and built by Trupti Doshi during her tenure as Chief Co-Architect of Sri Aurobindo Society. Sharanam is a 5-acre area with a dual context located 10 kilometers west of Pondicherry. On the one hand, there is Ousteri Lake, which covers 2000 acres and is regarded as one of the most significant wetlands not only in South India but also in Asia, as well as the most important freshwater lake in the Pondicherry region. The client was a worldwide non-governmental organization (NGO) called the Sri Aurobindo Society, which is part of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. The Project Brief called for a huge multipurpose hall that could seat 500 people, as well as reception, administrative offices, meeting rooms, computer rooms, a newspaper office, a community radio station, stores, a kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom block. It establishes itself as ecologically resilient, climatically responsive, and culturally relevant.

Project type: Cultural
Project Area: 20000 sq ft
Location: Puducherry

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3. Auroma French Villaments

The idea was to create a Sustainable Residential Community for the family and friends of clients. They were from Mumbai and had relocated to Pondicherry following a successful career in the management of several industrial enterprises. They also possessed a keen artistic sensibility, as both husband and wife were artists. The idea was for it to be a one-of-a-kind Gated complex with all the green amenities a resident could desire. This would be Pondicherry’s first such project. They didn’t want to turn this into a typical residential complex. As a result, they divided the project into seven French-style villas in a modular fashion. One residence would take up a full level, transforming it into a “Villa-ment”. This method also allowed each residence to be open to all four cardinal directions — North, East, West, and South – a feat practically impossible for an apartment in India to achieve.

Project Type: Residential
Project Area: 25000 sq ft
Location: Auroville

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4. Bridge Houses

The client is a prominent IT firm based in South India. They have a 150-acre organic farm near Pondicherry. The farm grows around a dozen different types of pulses and grains. They have been performing high-quality research on organic farming practices and now want to share what they have learned with other farmers in the community. The project is meant to serve as a residential guest house for those attending the programs. It must convey a sense of neighborhood grouping. The customer wants this house to be inspired by traditional Tamil houses with pitched roofs. Wind funnels were built within the functional areas and “bridged” with floating slabs to promote natural cooling. As a result, the term. The repetition of the bridges creates a rhythmic pattern of solid and empty. Balconies provide shade for the main walls and protect them from heat gain. The Bridge House’s use of natural materials anchors it to its surroundings.

Project type: Community Housing
Project Area: 5000 sq ft
Location: Tamil Nadu

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5. Concord Meditation Hall

Concord’s design was inspired by a South Indian temple, with energy flowing from all four directions. It is a meditation hall, a temple, and a sacred sanctuary all rolled into one. Concord’s distinguishing feature is the central “Column of Light” in an otherwise column-free region, which is created out of the same earth on which it stands.

Project type: Institutional
Project Area: 1000 sq ft
Location: Aurovill

Concord Meditation Centre_©

The auroma group is committed to developing resilient, climate-responsive architectural solutions. Because they are based in Puducherry, near to the Auroville community, their approach is especially significant in this setting. 

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