When the pandemic sent us indoors little did we know that we will have to let our snaps do all the talking; be it for a post on a Dutch Baby recipe or terrarium plants, the self-isolation phase, had us all scrambling to find ‘Instagrammable’ cornersthose most expensive-looking nooks; stocking up content for Instagram grew into an undeniable trend to satiate the quarantine boredom. The pandemic and ensuing lockdowns finally gave our Instagram worthy homes their due and once-neglected spaces turned chic picturesque with lamps and eccentric gold pendant lights above them. 

Quarantines nailed #homedecorgoals taking the oomph factor a step ahead with bamboo blinds, exposed brick walls, colorful woolen throws, cherry red silk cushions, dramatic curtains, vertical green walls, and colorful blossoms dangled in macramé planters. Besides gallery walls displaying monochromatic art, and mid-century inspired furniture, the Bohemian-chic vibe gained traction bringing in an eclectic mix. With extra time to play around with colors, Instagrammers did not shy away from bringing out grandma’s old trunk to add some vintage finesse and painting it in refreshing hues of electric blue or chartreuse for a dash of quirkiness. As for the wine connoisseurs, a barrel corner or a DIY country-style barrel-shaped bar cabinet turned out to be the best place to display those old wines! 

It’s the little things that can pack a big personality punch — it’s really about picking the pieces that speak to you and lift your spirits while making a statement online.

Soothing Pastels | Instagram Worthy

One of the most notable Millennial and GenZ behavior is in the way we use social media, particularly Instagram. With many quarantined Instagrammers now taking photos of their snazzy balconies and displaying them on IG, homes have become a huge part of social networking. As a result, there is a new wave of ‘Insta-friendly’ living and quarantining; carefully crafting each element; from paint and furniture to the lighting, all with the sole intention of posting photos on Instagram! One such example is the growing popularity of soothing pastels: walls doused in warm, peachy hues from regenerating pinks and baby blues to lilac and whimsy yellows, are Instagrammers’ dream. These tinges are so soft and are sure to add warmth and harmony to space. From creamy mints and dusky pinks to frosted blues, periwinkle, and lavender, pastels exude a sense of simplicity and tranquility. 

Instagram Worthy Homes - Sheet1
Pastels for Interiors_©Don White/ Getty Images
Instagram Worthy Homes - Sheet2
Pastels for Interiors_©Home Designing

Victorian Style

The isolated life also meant more binge-watching. With many web series set in the 50s and 60s, the Victorian style is back in the game. When we talk Victorian, it means several things from drapes and antiques to fleurs-de-lis, heraldic motifs, quatrefoils, or furniture with cabriole legs! This décor style is a stunning mix of prints, rich dark colors like ruby red and forest green, gold, and chandeliers. To further elevate the Victorian theme, home décor hobbyists are taking to ottomans with rich floral or bird motif upholstery, embellished handles, knobs, and bronze art tiles that rekindle the associated quality of grandeur. 

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Victorian Style_©www.youramazingplaces.com
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Victorian Style_©Nicolamargaret / Getty Images
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Victorian Style_©Architectural Digest

Rustic Interiors | Instagram Worthy

For those looking to bring the country’s cultural references and their personalities, tastes, and influences into their IGs, the rustic style interior has become the go-to. Reminiscing through age-old architecture takes us along the desire for courtyards adorned by vernacular-style pillars, pitched roofs, mezzanine floors, and wooden stairways that prove to be timeless characteristics interweaved in the fabric of an Indian home. Open and well-lit spaces compliment the dusk of traditional hues by articulating the indoor ambiance into a dash of radiance.   

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Rustic Style_©ZingyHomes
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Rustic Style_©ZingyHomes

Insta-Worthy Doors

There are many examples of Instagrammable design that are gaining popularity amidst the pandemic, amongst these are aesthetically pleasing doors, in front of which you can snap some OOTD photos; especially if it compliments your persona—a minimalist would prefer a plain door; a pop of color would mean flamboyance. People are experimenting with colors across the pallet and quirky patterns for a peppy vibe! Spending more time at home has led to a growing need to bring the outdoors inside: solid wooden doors are making way for extensive usage of glass to break the boxiness and bring the illusion of outdoor life. The Crittall-style with its sleek steel-framed grid-like doors is being sought after for its airiness and openness. 

Instagrammable Doors_©Bill Ingram/House Beautiful
Instagrammable Doors_©Ingalls Photography/House Beautiful
Instagrammable Doors_©timeincuk.net

Work from Home | Instagram Worthy

With the WFH culture picking up, quarantinees have turned their homes into swanky office-cum-residential spaces; that means that instead of staring at the water cooler set against the glaring white walls of the home office, people have been able to make their workspaces their own; people are personalizing home offices with strategically placed accents of color, footstools, and houseplants to brighten their office, enhance productivity, and purify the air. 

A WFH Space_©Friedman/Architectural Digest
A WFH Space_©Minh Ngo/Architectural Digest

Instagram’s millions of users are actively seeking and sharing moments that speak to them during self-isolation and many users are finding their #Instahappiness in well-designed spaces. 


Sowmya is an architectural journalist and writer. In this column, Sowmya takes you through stories on eco-architecture, biophilic design, and green buildings from across the globe.