Considering the present ball game, the subjects taught in Architecture Schools during the course are only introducing Architecture with its varied segments yet not covering all. Termed the topics as introductory as the matter in the same informs about its existence but not it’s relevant usage as the same has not been updated with the actual used in the profession. Leaving aside the varied teaching techniques and patterns along with students strain management of different Universities, architecture schools, and colleges as these topics are debatable, the academic content stands stable but with deep cracks due to the mixture of unwanted matter used during it’s built up. For example, the subjects of humanity and history though notable should be altered to an extent of knowledge and not as a learning extension. Not degrading its worth but the involvement should be more with the current happenings and partial or minimal with the past so as to lead the development as per the current required condition. The time to learn from our ancestors and perform similarly has lapsed long ago. It’s now time to act. This similar shift of change is required for the technical subjects as well.

A syllabus is not just a mere display of specifications of a particular subject but a knowledge bank prepared by those have put in their genuine efforts through their intense research, findings, survey, etc. Certainly, the Architectural curriculum must have been composed with a similar pattern by the esteemed members connected to the profession but the time has emerged to upgrade the same. Over the years, various conversations amongst the industrial professionals and the students as well accentuate that the incorporation of certain subjects or the contents of the same is not able to connect and generate a purposive output post education and not even during the course. The line of work continues to move in the direction of progress however the education format has stood still.

How are the diverse subjects taught in Architecture schools helpful in professional life
A comic strip is taken from Leewardists collection

Architects hold a responsible position in society. Not completely but they do share a partial load to secure the human race and the environment. Saying that their role is important, the education to lead or perform that character cannot be enacted on a formwork of weak syllabus. Many debates to reduce the academic years of Bachelor of Architecture in architecture schools but even those 5 years fall short to many.

Though the curriculum ends as per the specified period the learnings continue with no time frames mentioned. Performing like a star at a workplace immediately after receiving the course completion certificate is a trap of blinded visualization. It is relevant to the managing bodies as well that the education taught and the work of practice fail to connect. Sadly no initiatives have been taken to mend this disconnect to date despite the escalating breach. The syllabus is a map guiding the learners to their desired destination but if the same is not updated as per the latest development can send the backpackers wandering around for long, fading away from the enthusiasm to act upon arrival.

Along with the upgrades, additional subjects should be introduced which have been found essential by many researchers. Add – ons such as human and environmental psychology, functional design and ergonomics, logistics, etc. which surely matter and are worth implementing while planning a space creation. Architects can control their designs by knowing human behavior and acceptance. Humans are not on a travel 365 days be it for work or pleasure. A majority of the time is spent indoors. Also, the climatic reactions need to be taken considered especially when there are worldwide concerns of its harshness over time. Spaces are created for human comforts but expect the design to be unhealthy if the survey of human reactions and the impacts of nature are not considered.

Architecture itself is an enormous subject and incorporating more topics further with similar intensity can increase the pressure. But when visualized on a broader aspect, the current circumstances demand it. The quantum of the same in the course needs to be brainstormed. Condensation of these topics needs to be incorporated. A further detailed study in the same can be taken up as per the individual’s interest.

It is stated that though studying, every student should carry out their own research and findings of various projects in order to stay updated and inspired. Being students, they are not much entertained or welcomed on-site leaving or at workplaces leaving them with knowledge based on partial information in hand. Ultimately the course learners depend upon the online world, books, and insufficient verbal discussions. The above learning sources however efficient in their respective display still lack to provide the basic content to a student before the jump on to a professional world. They will find data about the formwork and the diagrammatic or pictorial illustrations through the above mediums but what thought process goes in making the formwork is never shared or technically is not possible to showcase. Such missed chapters in architecture schools are covered during the internship however the period for the same requires an extension. By the time an intern settles and begins to understand the professional work pattern, the internship ends. The internship time frame needs a reconsideration.

The concentration on academic grades alone is degrading the quality of practical results. Every weak mold needs a replacement after a certain period in order to maintain the caliber of the molded. The glitch is felt, the voices are raised, the dissatisfactions are reported and the consequences are seen. Amidst all these a change is hoped but looking at the approach the same is not guaranteed anytime soon.


Sailee Sawant plays the role of an Architect in lead and at times of an Artist/Writer/ Photographer in the supporting role.She describes herself as a scanner,the one who scans the script of self observations and then directs the same by casting suitable characters mentioned above.