Art is the human activity that creates visual auditory and performing artworks through artistic creation and expresses the emotions and idea of aesthetics’ along with the artist’s imagination. Architecture is about creating buildings and usable spaces which inspire us and ultimately are the best work of art in which we can thrive. 

Architecture is a time-consuming process that involves, planning, designing and zooming from micro to macro levels of understanding. Thus, architecture can be considered as one of the most democratic art forms known to humankind. Today even the most Honourable philosopher debates between the link of art and architecture. 

Thus, exploring a relationship between these two issues is very important and also maybe art could be a solution to make the architecture even more accessible.

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Certainly, behind the construction of a most functional building there lies a concept or an abstract narrative or a sketch that directs the design of that particular building. These conceptual sketches relate to the cultural background of that civilisation or that time era. Like various art forms architecture also involves Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, etc., architectural movements which have been developed over duration through different paintings and sculptures. 

Today’s digital renderings and algorithms have a contradictory effect on traditional methods which were time-honoured and employed architects for various centuries. Initially, architects were always honoured and respected as the ultimate artist who could visualise imaginary buildings and places with great depth of their imagination and effectively drew them out in pen or pencil. 

Only after the conceptual stage of sketching began the labourers’ process of drawing the technical specifications of how a building could be assembled and be executed in reality through miscellaneous elaborate collaboration with craftsmen and other complimenting artists. The drawings were an accumulation of knowledge of human anthropometric, their visual experiences, understanding of how physics can be applied in bringing up wonderful spaces, the spaces that not only impact daily lives but also develop our culture which results in our civilisation.

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However, in recent times it is strongly believed that the technical and practical lens of architectural projects has overtaken the artistic vision that existed in the design. Today architecture is more utility-based. Some architects also believe that their concern is only with the shape of the building and how it is conceived and they are not in charge of adding any relevance or meaning to the design form thus they feel that architecture should not be considered as an art form.

Cycling back to the initial statement that architecture is democratic. In practicality, architecture is supposed to benefit the general civilians and Yet some civilians are not receptive to it. Exclusive architecture might appear a bit bland to normal viewers because of the technical side. The general public often is inclined more towards an aesthetically looking design correlated to a functionally well-built design. 

If the users could dive into the approach taken by the architect maybe they could appreciate the architecture better however this is not the most accessible field to the general public and that is why we should try to make it more approachable and more attractive. 

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The design of construction does not mean that you have to involve an artistic inspiration. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we can’t involve artwork inside the walls of the building. This should be applicable especially in spaces that are often cold and impersonal for example hospitals schools offices public service buildings etc. architecture will have numerous ways of how to subtle out the visual aesthetic‘s too cold craft. However, art is the only resource to humanise the merely practical dimension and to make it more public-oriented.

From my humble point of view, architecture as an art form is extremely misleading to the public domain and it can also cause potential damage to society. we must stop confusing art and architecture. We as an architect are in charge of the form of the building but form is our specific contribution to the evolution of world society but it is not art. art is a medium of self-expression but as an architect, you can’t keep yourself above the rest of the general public. It is not important if what you think is practically the right way to build however what design is beneficial for the majority is an efficient design produced by an architect. 

It might not be agreed upon by all the readers that art and architecture are not related, but this is a personal opinion based on readings and the knowledge spectrum owned by me. Both art and architecture have an intangible aspect of creativity. This aspect can be overviewed in terms of eye-candy design forms or creative spatial planning and buildings with enhanced functionality. Whichever the case may be, both aim towards the benefit of the society and are well suited to that particular time of the civilisation.



Priyanshi Hiran is a perfectionist who has a confident and persuasive personality. She is an Architecture student currently in 4th Year of B.Arch. Time Management is the key to her work routine that helps her to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

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