The beauty of art is that two or more different forms of art can always go hand in hand. This is because art is what one perceives and art is always inspired. A small study to explore the fine relationship between poetry and architecture will leave one astounded.

Music is liquid architecture and architecture is frozen music. Poets related? The similarity between the two is stark yet subtle. Both require attention to detail, form, structure, and perception of how it is carried over once built or formed. Both require abundant inspiration!! Like how William Wordsworth took inspiration from nature and woods, architects get inspired by nature and places. A building can be in the form of a clean sonnet and need to have a sense of rhythm, pattern, proportion, and balance. So does a poem! As Louis Kahn once said, “A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.” A poem could be a room within a room with its limitless spread to boundary and evolution.

Philosophy by philosophy! Here’s a look at how our Famous Architects would have turned out if they had chosen poetry as their career.

1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s poems would have been mostly nature-inspired. A flow-y poem about nature calling for him, the greens soothing him, the rustling of the leaves and how much he wishes the outside was a lot more inside. ( Of course in a very poetic way )

Architects as Poets

2. Daniel Libeskind’s poems would have made us give a long pause after every line because there is already so much going on in that line, hence so much to grab, grasp and process in the brain! Our hearts would have definitely been heavy after he reads. Tell me who doesn’t remember his translation of the holocaust movement in the Jewish Museum.

Architects as Poets

3. Zaha Hadid as a poet might have had a very stark, bold and non-synchronizing, yet best, form of synchronizing stanzas. She might have been a poet of strong words and opinions on topics one dared to write on.

Architects as Poets

4. Santiago Calatrava’s poems would have been mostly inspired by the beauty of the human body and its stunning form, present ordinarily in nature all around us. Who knows, it might have even praised the astounding human body and the various forms lying all around us that are going unnoticed.

Architects as Poets

5. Tadao Ando– A minimalistic, simple, philosophical poet whose writing would reflect ways to obtain inner peace through simple things around us! A collection of spiritualistic poems for the healing process! Oh, definitely feel good poems which we might have gone back to every time we feel low or need some motivation.

Architects as Poets

6. Renzo Piano’s poems might have been about his vision of the future! A very hi-tech collection of poems that may have spoken about the advancement in technology and how it has made our lives easier.

sheet- 6

7. Laurie Baker’s writing would have emphasized obscuring the pollution haze, protecting the environment and how we need to conserve our vernacular and traditional culture!

sheet - 7

Well, they might not have been very bad poets after all.


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