Every year, millions of creative people all over the World enroll in architecture colleges for half a decade of our lives, hoping to become the next Zaha Hadid or Norman Foster (well, who wouldn’t want to be Bjarke Ingels?!).

Architecture school, however, is a journey of self-discovery and many of us find our passions and inclinations, which are born out of Architecture but not quite it.

We discover that our preferred medium may not be drawings, but language or photography.

An Architecture graduate is a jack of all trades, and master of ONE. The internship is the time to decide which one is going to be.

With Architectural discourse becoming a part of mainstream media and a number of institutes starting to offer Architectural Journalism, this is high time to become a part of this wave.

With that, here are 8 reasons to take the first step towards becoming an Architectural Journalist:

1. You are passionate about Architecture and Writing

Architectural journalism is the best way to combine your passion for writing and architecture and make a career out of it. An internship in this field is a good way to explore and understand its scope and possibilities.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet1

2. There is no drafting

Architectural journalism is a medium to break free from mainstream architecture. This field will allow you to form and express your own creative thoughts and opinions instead of drafting someone else’s designs.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet2

3. Ability to write is a valuable skill wherever you are

Writing about architecture is a process that includes analysis, documentation, research, exploration, and study before the actual writing begins. The ability to articulate and communicate an idea effectively is a personal superpower, that will help whatever domain of work you choose to work in.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet3

4. Broaden your horizons:

Good writing requires learning from diverse perspectives. You will be exposed to the myriad of different aspects of architecture and will be constantly aware of current architectural trends.

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5. Career Opportunities:

This is an open spot for writers to excel in the field of architecture, through journalism. There is less competition and more opportunities when it comes to architectural journalism, as opposed to architecture, where thousands of new architects swarm the market every year.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet7

6. Show off the ‘Architectural Lifestyle’

The non-architectural fraternity, be it clients or the public, can be made aware of the hardships and experiences of becoming an architect and why we won’t design for free, while creating a nostalgic connection with fellow architects, using architectural journalism.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet5

7. Network

This field allows you to connect with multiple architects and influential professionals from all around the world. It allows you to transcend all limitations when it comes to the type of people you meet.

8 Reasons to pursue internship in Architectural Journalism - Sheet4

8. Address issues that concern Humankind

Addressing issues that need to be prioritized when it comes to architecture is becoming increasingly important. Spreading awareness about the effects of architecture on the environment is not enough. Ideas need to be developed and shared collectively. And that’s where architectural journalism comes in.



An Architect, a writer, a traveler, a photographer and much more, Shivani Chaudhary is, among all, an Architectural Journalist, trying to bridge the gap between the architectural community and the world. With a desire to end career stereotypes, she hopes to inspire young architects to explore their creativity and deviate from mainstream architectural practice.

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