Architectural journalism emerges as a career path that presents the work of architecture and design philosophy beyond the architectural fraternity and develops the understanding of the society about the industry, trends, and material available for them to experiment in their built-environment. Designers with a flair for writing need to consider this as it gives them a massive advantage of commenting on works and details concerning aesthetic, functionality, material, planning, and conceptual designs that require documentation and analysis to inspire the industry with innovative ideas. Students trained in architectural or design bachelor’s think about design outcomes and critical solutions to spatial problems and never really write about the works of it contrary to the fact that writing brings out the possibility to inspire a generation from different walks of life. Therefore, creating dialogues to build a relationship between the architectural realm and the public sphere establishing the role and importance for architects in the contemporary world. Here is a list of 8 architectured journalism editorial internships for students and young graduates to explore and expand the scope of work and knowledge.

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1. Design boom Magazine

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World’s 1st digital architecture and design magazine in the world; established in the year 1999. Over the last 20 years, the company has gained tremendous popularity with 3.5 million readers across the globe. Design boom offers an architecture editorial internship for eight months in Milan, Italy. Interested individuals must project inclination towards research, networking, and writing spheres along with skills in editing, photoshop, and handling social media professionally across various platforms. The internship aims to provide a practical experience of internet publishing and encourages the production of original content written by the interns. Furthermore, the company pays a stipend to manage living and travel to work expenses with working hours being between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Those interested must send an email to with a statement of interest, a portrait picture, a brief resume, and sample writings to be selected. 

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2. ArchDaily

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Archdaily began in 2008 as a platform to spread the most quintessential knowledge for designers to build a better world. The course of evolution of this platform exemplifies a massive collection of latest projects, products, and trends around different parts of the world with 13.6 million readers that visit the website every month. This work from a home internship can be carried out from anywhere in the world for a period of four months with flexible hours as long as the intern finishes 15 hours per week and must be reachable Monday to Friday. Interested individuals need to demonstrate fluency in English and a comprehensive article that highlights research and writing skills. Additional experiences in using Adobe Photoshop, online blogging on different platforms, social media handles – Twitter and Facebook; considered as bonus criteria with proof of the same attached in the application via email. ArchDaily does provide compensation for the period of internship undertaken.

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3. Dezeen

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The most influential architecture and design magazine – Dezeen has won numerous awards for journalism and publishing. In 2006 the platform emerged and grew to be a prominent website for a collection of carefully edited best architecture, design and interior projects with a reception of three million unique visitors per month. The company also runs Dezeen Jobs – a program for the diverse architecture and design-related jobs and this sector of Dezeen offers a full time paid editorial internship for a term of three months in Hoxton, London, United Kingdom. Interested individuals are required to possess a high level of computer literacy, exceptional written, and spoken English. Other expected duties include carrying out day to day administration, writing, and updating meta-description to help the SEO strategy, drafting and sending invoices, experience in using tools like Photoshop and WordPress along with an understanding editing, scheduling, and posting content. A CV and Coverletter to be submitted addressing the head of Dezeen; indicating an interest in the architecture and design industry. 

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4. The Architect’s Newspaper

Website link:

The Architect’s Newspaper publishes content online and in print regarding all information and breaking news in the architecture and design realm catering to a community of architects, designers, engineers, developers, contractors, academics who are interested and invested in the built environment. The prospective interns should be skillful writers with a keen sense of details and eager to cover breaking news, announcements, and openings in print and web. Some of the work expected includes basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and WordPress, fact-checking, event support, and photo research. This program opens a window into the fast-paced publishing world where interns are paid by the hour and expected to come in twice a week to the office with a flexible period of internship from a few months to a semester. Candidates must write an email attached with Resume/ CV along with three original samples written by the candidate to Jack Balderrama Morley at

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5. Arch2O

Website link:

Arch2O was established in the year 2012 as an online architecture and design magazine that reviews and critiques architecture, urbanism, art, and design from around the globe. The objectives of the magazine are to deliver a multi-facet dimension in the design realm and improve the base knowledge of readers while responding to one’s search needs by collaborative effort on curating the kind of content that helps a reader. Arch20 offers work from a home unpaid editorial internship for 13 weeks. Candidates applying are requested to set aside 12 hours per week for this program to research, edit, and produce content. Also, experiences with publishing content on blogs and websites give an added advantage.

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6. Gray magazine

Website link:

This independent media women-owned company in Seattle, USA established in 2011 strives to create a platform that focuses in-depth understanding and publishing about design and culture across architecture, design, interiors, fashion covered in print, digital, audio, and live events. The unpaid editorial internship spans for 3-6 months; candidates need to clock in 15 hours per week at the office. The program aims to provide a learning experience in the field of publishing and best practices specific to editorial work including publication’s voice and tone, interview techniques, fact-checking, research, writing for print versus digital. Potential candidates must have a stronghold on communication skills and patience as some of the work includes calling a designer, store, or firm about product sourcing, pricing, and detail necessary to update. Interested individuals can apply by attaching a resume and cover letter that includes reasons for the internship and area of study to

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7. Frame

Website link:

The world’s leading interior design media brand known as Frame, established in 1997 to empower and document spatial understanding and connect various methods to utilize color and material by designers in the industry to create meaningful spaces. Candidates having a bachelor’s in design or journalism with an obsession with documenting and analyzing design details and spatial understanding are most likely to be considered. To note that the internship is a full-time position and requires a minimum of 36 hours of work at the office in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A monthly stipend of €450 ( Euro) offered to interns and a chance to be in the core team working with editors, helping out with collecting images for stories, researching and writing for web and print, a compilation of contributors list and PDF invites, proactive in weekly editorial meetings and updating the back issue database online. Interested participants can send an email to Floor Kuitert at attaching a CV and writing portfolio that includes two recently documented projects seen in person or online justifying why they resemble the future of spatial design.

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8. Re-thinking the future.

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Rethinking the future, established in the year 2012 that emerged out of a requirement to write about design and communicate with the society especially in India as a wide range of substantial work were either undocumented or published enough. The platform seeks to elevate design thinking in young professionals and students and those interested in the architectural realm with a wide range of premium architectural journalism from documenting architects and their projects to award competitions and design journals that allow generating fresh perspectives regarding the built-environment. They offer an editorial internship either at the headquarters in New Delhi or work from home for 15 weeks to 6 months with a certification at the end of it. Visibility for every article published; written by the interns with their author profile and a chance to inspire and tell the world about their experiences and thought-provoking ideas to growing readers reach beyond 80 countries around the world.

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Dear students if you have an inclination towards writing and can articulate your ideas with thought-provoking analysis about design details, built environment scenarios, trends, and the ability to argue your writing by researching and fact-checking the content. These listed internships are the place to apply to explore and expand one’s knowledge in the design sphere and reach to the public about one’s opinion, observations, and concepts along with diversifying work profile for better career opportunities in this ever-evolving industry as an architectural journalist.


Subhay Baberwal, a practising architect at Taller-S and a visiting faculty at SJB School of architecture and planning, Bangalore. He is an art and culture enthusiast as well as a certified wildlife Eco-volunteer by the Karnataka Forest Department for activities regarding conservation, census, preservation. Furthermore, he is a poet and currently exploring his voice in architecture writing along with being a ghostwriter for mobile application, fashion collections and bloggers.