‘Life is Architecture and architecture is the mirror of life’ ~ I.M. Pei

‘Whatever good things we build end up building us’ ~ Jim Rohn

‘As an architect, you design for the present with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown’ ~ Norman Foster

‘Design is nothing but a humble understanding of materials, an instinct for solutions and respect for nature’ ~ B.V Doshi

Above are a few design philosophies by renowned architects. Philosophy of Architecture is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, design, and existence as an academic discipline and the attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior in reality. The subject of history, research, and aesthetics do help few students generate interest in philosophy in architecture in due course of time.

The world opens up with various masters in philosophy of design and architecture courses providing individuals opportunities to pursue their interests. The masters allow the candidate to fine-tune their research skills and give students relevant first-hand experience under close supervision. However, there are only a few careers directly linked with the degree of architecture and philosophy. The philosophy graduates are problem solvers, organizers, and their way of problem-solving making them invariably professional and mature.

Innumerable universities around the world offer full time/ part-time Masters, MPhil, Ph.D. in architecture with its own rules and its ways namely. The following are the summarized categories of master courses available with few of the examples:

1. Architecture and design

-Masters in Architectural design and history
-Masters in Architecture – Building Architecture

2. Urban studies and city planning

-Master of Urban design
-Master of urban and regional planning

3. Sustainability, construction, and technology

-Master in Building and architectural engineering
-Master in Sustainable architecture

4. History, Theory, and critic

-Master in Architecture history and theory
-Master of arts in architectural history and theory

5. Landscape and environment

-Master of landscape architecture
-Master in Landscape planning

6. Housing and habitat

-Master in urban housing
-Master in housing and community planning

7. Heritage and preservation

-Masters of heritage conservation

8. Computation and digital studies

-Master in architectural computation design
-Master of architecture artificial intelligence

9. Governance and management

-Master in Construction management
-Master in project management

A Ph.D. in architecture allows participants to enhance their research skills and widen their knowledge of methodologies, logic, and history. The following are the summarized categories of Ph.D. courses available with few of the examples:

1.Ph.D. Architecture

2.Ph.D. Urban planning

3.Ph.D. Planning

4.Ph.D. in planning, design, and construction

5.Ph.D. in Landscape architecture and environmental planning

And may more

The Ph.D. curriculum allows individual research and architecture courses. Some possible courses include:

-Building science and research

-Methods of historical RiA (Research and Architecture)

-Social and cultural factors

-Criticism and analysis

-Research foundation

After the graduation with 5+2+2 (B.Arch. + M.Arch. + MPhil/Ph.D.) it provides for the following career opportunities:

1. A Career in academics/ teaching

The philosophy degree acts as an excellent foundation for teaching careers at higher levels providing opportunities for the jobs of associate professor, professor, dean, and principal inappropriate architectural fields. The critical thinking, knowledge, experience, and communication skills with self-conduct of an individual provides for a desirable choice in well-known institutes and platforms.

Career options for architects interested in Philosophy - Sheet1

2. A Career in research in Architecture

Philosophy graduates are also desirable prime candidates for research careers in an appropriate field. The knowledge during specialization and a clear picture of the field of interest provide open doors in various research-led institutes and architectural firms.

Career options for architects interested in Philosophy - Sheet2

3. Opportunities in self-led Architectural research and practice

The grueling academic years, apt knowledge of current needs and trends with innovative thinking can lead to self-motivated research and experiment work. The publication of the timely development of theoretical or practical stages of development under the guidance of authority and relevant departments open doors for recognition and success.

Career options for architects interested in Philosophy - Sheet3

4. A Career in the public sector

The options in the public sector remain vast and diverse with all-state funded, arbitration, and institutional roles all over the country with an aim towards society, welfare, and world issues. The roles include expertise in a role model, civic services, initiator of new reforms, and policies related to architecture, humanities, nature, and their societies.

Career options for architects interested in Philosophy - Sheet4

5. A Career in Journalism/Media

Understanding the history and philosophy of architecture and media analyzing the past, present, and future in terms of aesthetics, movements, urbanism, environment, built, ecology, and humanity in development with the power of presentation by writing, graphics, and films. It will lead to voicing and reaching out to the mass for bringing the necessary change leading to movements and policy reforms.

Career options for architects interested in Philosophy - Sheet5

RuchiKumbhani is currently a final year B. Arch student at PVP College of Architecture, Pune. She is a curious mind & travel enthusiast. With few days of intense binge indoors to days of cycling outdoor, she loves to observeinterrelationship of different settings/spaces and penning her thoughts over it.

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