Who would not like their abode to feel like it has more space than it does? Because really, we all need more space with the goal being to live in a lighter expanse which is collocated and decorated. Some inexpensive hacks can make your humble abode a cozy and more functional space to live in, and require minimal effort as well.

From adding mirrors to visuals that complement your interiors to improving your room’s ambiance through color and lighting, here are some interior design tips you can do for a much-needed makeover of your space.

1. Mix old and new things

From traditional to modern, classic to contemporary, mix-match leads to cohesive and calm spaces. A small abstract sculpture is an instant way to modernize a customary room.

Mix old and new things - Sheet1

Oversized designs are generally better than undersized, for example combining contemporary seating with vintage chandeliers and classic mirrors.

Mix old and new things - Sheet2

Exposed brick walls can emphasize a more retro feeling while complementing the overarching color scheme. Another great way is to be creative with furniture and create a unique look, upcycling vintage pieces using contemporary fabrics and colors such as an old ladder back chair as a bedside table, a vintage suitcase as a coffee table, or an industrial workbench as a dining table.

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2. Showcase things that have meaning

A focal point in every space offers the eye to rest and assigns it with a function as well. Eclectic does not mean messy and filled to the brim with stuff. A large art piece with a minimal or no frame hung on a wall is perfect as a feature opts for a small art series on expansive walls.

Showcase things that have meaning - Sheet1

Less is still more, even when it comes to the fine art of eclecticism. Such as camouflage switch plates.

Showcase things that have meaning - Sheet2

Keeping things neat and tidy and showcasing most treasured possessions is the key. Just because you own it, doesn’t mean you have to show it.

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3. Design just for you

Give space an identity through mix and match of patterns and eras. Geometric shapes can create aesthetic intrigue when used with the motif.

The seemingly opposing swatches add vibrant visuals to space, keeping a light-hearted atmosphere. Using patterned rugs and scatter cushions results in different design eras into a room in a subtle way.

Design just for you - Sheet2

Eye-catching shine such as crystal accessories, bronze furniture, decorative pieces of brass, or stainless steel can be installed in small fixtures to overwhelm the beauty and make it stylish. Artworks displayed on walls as eloquent hanging pieces give a personal touch to the abode.

Design just for you - Sheet3

4. Good lighting is a secret weapon

Lighting plays a big part in the usefulness and mood of a room. By planning a suitable lighting arrangement for your space, it will be more functional while also creating just the right ambiance. Making natural light do the hard work, skylights, and windows to foremost expanses works best.

Good lighting is a secret weapon - Sheet1

Either add a drum shade around an old chandelier or include both table lamps and floor lamps throughout the home to give customarily a look to increase the elegant feeling.

Good lighting is a secret weapon - Sheet2

Paint inside lamp shades to contrast with walls. Wall-mounted lights and pendant lights turn out to be efficacious and economical.


 5. Color matters

Just some shades bring a sense of zen to a room while certain hues can boost morale, red helps energize, yellow inspires optimism, and blue sparks creativity.

Color matters - Sheet1

A key element to an eclectic style is contrast, and using different textures in your interior can prove a quick fix, either bold and dramatic or soft, understated hues. If you only paint the walls of a room partially and leave the top portion blank or the same color as the ceiling, this will make the room appear higher and more spacious.

Color matters - Sheet2

Don’t fear white, give refreshing, modern, and bright looks.

Color matters - Sheet3

6. Dress up your walls

When it comes to the walls, keep them simple, as they will act as the backdrop from where to showcase your curated interior. Dark colors deepen interior intrigue, lighter tones create a calm canvass, and unpainted brick or plaster adds to the textural element.

Dress up your walls - Sheet1

Giving your rooms an instant burst of color by using wallpapers can also give them their unique characteristics. Use bright and bolder hues, and design your bathroom walls with some eye-catching patterns and geometric shapes.

Dress up your walls - Sheet2

A gallery wall adds character and personality to space. It showcases your imagination and marvelous art pieces to add quirk and temperament to the room.

Dress up your walls - Sheet3

7. Visionary furnishings

Creating a creatively curated space requires showcasing fantastic furniture finds and unique artisanal pieces. A room with leggy chairs, leggy tables, and lots of small knick-knacks only serve to clutter and confuse the eye. Buy neutral large furniture pieces.

Visionary furnishings - Sheet1

Have a large sofa, some skirted club chairs, and one or two slender armchairs with attractive carved legs. Wood coffee tables create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Built-in seating with extra storage.

Visionary furnishings - Sheet2

Open shelves for perfect bathrooms. To have an elegant piece of furniture in your abode, second-hand stores, estate sales, and consignment shops work best for quality pieces at a more affordable price.

Visionary furnishings - Sheet3

8. Space it green

Use greens to accentuate the textures and colors of rather dull spaces and avoid using plastic ones. The objective of designing is to add more life. Fake plants may exude a feeling of boredom. Huge plants in the hallway or living can inject life into lively spaces. The balcony is a space with enough light and ventilation, which could be created in a mini garden.

Space it green - Sheet1

Creepers do wonders, and can transform walkways or balconies into the canopy. With the right choice of wall paint and plants for the vertical garden could change the entire view and sum up to look like lively murals.

Space it green - Sheet2

Terrariums can be used to create hanging gardens in the corners of the room.

Space it green - Sheet3

9. Don’t skimp on window dressings

Window treatments are one of the most budget-friendly ways to add some elegance to your abode, as well as much-needed privacy. For instance, choosing unlined flimsy materials look cheap, even if they are the least expensive option. When it comes to window treatment, stick with discerning materials such as natural silk, linen, and cotton because polyester or synthetic fabrics usually look cheap.

Don’t skimp on window dressings - Sheet1

Woven bamboo shades or wood blinds can also be used in place of draperies.

Don’t skimp on window dressings - Sheet2

Just be sure to dress windows, they should make space look elegant and well-designed. A fantastic finishing touch of stunning curtains, blinds, or shutters or turning old blind into roman shades creates a captivating scene.

Don’t skimp on window dressings - Sheet3

10. Notes in office

An interior should reflect its identity. With the hours put into work, creating a comfortable environment like home is something to consider. To start, select the right pieces of office furniture that offer varied postures for congenial work.

Notes in office - Sheet1

Whether it is an ergonomic office chair, a plush sofa with ottomans to kick up your feet, giving employees options of where to work makes a difference in work efficiency. Place big enough windows, skylights, or glass walls to let the sunlight into your office rooms.

Notes in office - Sheet2

Writable walls, round meeting tables, and cork board panels to pin ideas are some ways for smart spatial planning.

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Manvi Khandelwal, is an architecture student. She had been passionate about architecture, since her childhood. She always thought of architecture as a way of living life, apart from designing spaces. She loves to dance, and to her architecture is a choreography of volumes to define her environment.