Forever after the declaration of the global pandemic by the WHO on 11th march 2020, every corner of the world seems to have faced the scare of being quarantined and the panic that came along with it. Taking us all back to the stone-age cave-man, ‘the lockdown saga’ effectively tested different perspectives of the human lifestyle. With all the difficulties that our mother earth has been facing for quite some time now; like the global climate change concern, a possible World War is coming up & to add it up ‘the Covid-19 crises’. We shouldn’t be all but pessimistic. After all, it’s all part of human evolution and there is always a brighter side to everything.

Although, what has been the backbone of human evolution is our education system, the ability to educate ourselves with changing times; our super strength is what it is. So come, let’s talk about this super-strength of ours; let’s talk about our ‘education system’.

1. How good were the good olden days?

Remember the times when most of us had to challengingly wake up with the rising sun, get ready for our classes, and go on to do something notoriously mischievous along with our beloved friends forever; I utterly believe we all miss it today from the bottom of our hearts.

Even though we may have the privilege of attending an online lecture while sitting in the favorite corner of our homes, the charm of interacting with our teachers in real-time is surely missed!

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet3

2. Passage of Transcendence and Breathing space.

If we have a certain typical approach towards anything in our lives, there is a chance of it becoming monotonous. Since we have been practicing a similar pattern to educate ourselves over a considerable period of time now, it may have started to become passive as well.

This lockdown gave us the necessary breathing space to evaluate and bring a change if required in any possible manner.

3. Importance of Self-Study.

Whether or not we have been told the importance of self-study; today we surely understand its value and how essential it is in the comprehensive upbringing of any individual.

Now that we don’t have our teachers and educators to guide us through, it is very crucial that we understand the role of educating ourselves and developing the urge to gain more knowledge.

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet4


4. Virtual / Online education is the new fancy.

While a lot of educational organizations have already opted to evolve themselves and initiated online lectures and live sessions for the well-being of students; the fact that virtual learning has already started to take a grip on student’s mindset is a major highlight.

With several online learning applications and websites, just a click away from us, it has definitely brought a revolutionary change in the field of education. At last, it’s about time we accept YOUTUBE isn’t just an entertainment platform anymore!

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet5
10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet6

5. Exploring the Artist within oneself.

Even though being restricted to deliver something productive in the lockdown period, many of us explored new art forms taking inspirations from social media platforms, while few more started meditating on their skill sets that they missed practicing during the rush hours of life.

We learned to routine our hobbies into our daily schedule and respect it more. In any case, if you haven’t done it yet, well there is still some time for it.

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet7

6. Scope of turning your talent into entrepreneurship.

Now that we spend a lot of time on social media platforms, many of us might have noticed the sudden increase in the number of ‘Instagram’ pages and even ‘YouTube’ channels. While our orthodox education system may seem to have come to a stand-still stage, the transfer of knowledge does not look to be harmed by any means.

Today, many of us even might have a business account on Instagram and it’s indeed an exciting thing to have one; because the sky is not the limit here. All we have to do is, stick around and create something amazing.

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet8

7. Setbacks faced by the system infrastructure.

With a lot of uncertainty about how and when the next academic year will start is yet to be established, there are a lot of questions still left unanswered. At the same time, the burden that the educators carry onto their shoulders cannot be ignored.

Education is a principal pillar in the growth of any nation. The concerns regarding it cannot be overlooked. Also, special attention is necessary for the public-funded education system.


8. Political Interference and its downside.

While there was a lot of chaos created about the final examinations to be given by the students, political interferences made it much more complicated than ever. Although that was certainly necessary to have a clearer picture it became fuzzier.

Decisions made regarding educational matters should always be righteous and leaning towards the benefit of students.

9. Visionary lack in understanding Students’ needs.

With every passing day, there are tons of opportunities and career options available to students that can be explored. As good as today’s education system is, there is a clear lack of vision in upbringing students to dare and explore something new.

What we need is the courage to have different educational models that can touch every aspect of a student’s skill set and build a character within oneself.

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet2

10. Evolve, Expand, and Flourish.

This crisis as seen never before may have raised a lot of concerns and perspectives we need to work on but it majorly has taught us that whatever the circumstances are we cannot keep cribbing about it, we need to change it ourselves.

Evolve for the world that cannot be the same forever; expand for your vision that should not be restricted and Flourish so that there is no need to look back and regret!

10 Things we learned about our education system due to lock-down - Sheet1

Ar. Omkar has been expressing his love for words and strong liberal views throughout his upbringing; mostly via multi-lingual poetries. Fascinated by 'paradox', grooves it as his writing wit. Time and again impending 'revolutionary questions', If not about everything, at least about architecture!