Metamorphosis, they say, when that butterfly flaps its wings out of the cocoon, when that tadpole finally frog-jumps, and when an architecture student finally graduates.

Well, identifying an architecture student is as easy as spotting that period stain on your skirt, unexpected yet obvious. How do you ask? Here you go, try spotting a few of them around you!

Characteristics of an architecture student How to identify an architecture student

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1. They get eight long hours of sleep! I am not kidding; they do, in a week though!

That caffeine-blown up eyes and half-functional brain and body almost substantiates the fact. The hostel rooms with lights on at 3:00 am and never seem to go off belong to one of them! Dare not wish them a good morning or a great night, for they have almost forgotten the line between time horizons.

2. Break-ups to them have a whole next level meaning.

They get heartbroken for the issues with GF, the Ground Floor, or by a bug splat that flashes just when the 3D model is almost completed. Or even when the software updates take a lifetime to get over, right when you have a set of submissions lined up for the next day. Things get worse when the government decides to shut down the electricity, or when your pet cat runs along spilling water on your hand-drafted jury sheets. They can slip into depression if the printer cracks down or the theory teacher forgets to take attendance.

3. They are in clear debt!

When the jury is around the corners, their family papers and valuables are held up at the nearby stationery stores and the printing shops. Finishing a semester for architecture students means empty pockets and filled dustbins. Don’t be amused to find one of them weeping in sorrow, you never know what is lost or broken, the T-scale or the nib of the 0.1 drafting pen. Many of them cost more than an arm and a leg!

4. They have absolute proficiency in debating and negotiation.

They are the first person to go if you need to win a war of words. They can easily get inside the shell of a pantomath, and debate over any topic and make it look knowledgeable and believable even when they have no grasp in the area. With a single borrowed fact, they can build a story to present for an hour or more, hooking up the listeners around. They can substantiate the worst of opinions and prove the most stupid hypothesis right!

5. They are multitasking experts! No deadlines, dates, schedules, or to-do lists frighten them.

They can go for a football match in the morning, design a hospital, and submit it by noon, practice with a band in the evening and invite applause for all of them. The next day, they can be fully decked up for an interview and then chill with you at a nightclub. They are just the most amazing multi-taskers you can ever find, a little more sociable every time you meet. They are all non-identical implicates of the Hindu goddesses, with a weapon or instrument in every hand. That coffee for their boss at the internship office, the late-night cravings as you approach deadlines, and the rubbish you get to clean by the final review make them the best homemakers, straight on their own feet!

6. The desktop of an architecture fellow is worth visiting and exploring.

There is absolutely nothing to be surprised if you type in “hgsfdkj” to name a folder and it still says that the name already exists. If your project folder has a ‘draft’ and a ‘final’, an architecture student has the most diverse collection of finals; ‘final1’, ‘final final’, ‘real final’, ‘last final’, ‘swear to god this is final’ and anything under the sky.

7. Exams are just a walk in the park for them, a refreshing interval to clean up their rooms, bodies, desktops, and souls.

When the whole college stresses over the exam schedules on the notice board, architecture students let out a sigh of relief. Exam time to them is a break to deadlines, rolls of sheets, color splashes, and presentations. It is when their roll packs get rest and bedsheets get dusted. It is when they sleep, eat, bath, and talk like normal human beings!

8. ‘Dude, why is your skin peeling off?’

The hands of an architecture student are unique, a green here, and a blue there. Nobody enters the jury hall without a cut by the NT cutter or a forgotten-to-peel-off gum on the palms.

9. They sleep and wake up with models, are you jealous?

They find spaces and rooms less to stack those models of five long years. From the first year model with printed roof tiles and water texture in blue and colorful cladding stones to the final year thesis model mostly in one color of either brown or white, with some broken branches and a paper with the north and scale, they have traveled a long way.

10. They love nature and understand the value of planting trees.

Trees are lifesavers for the architecture students, in specific. It efficiently covers up their half-done perspective drawings, incomplete rendered views, and that window with no sunshade or eave of your model. Nobody understands the importance of greens and trees as much as they do!

11. They tend to forget their families and homes.

Vacations are no different for them, except for the mother’s handmade food and the difference in the ceiling and empathetic voices, “Poor boy”. Events and ceremonies just happen without you, and you end up thanking Skype and Google Duo for making it feel worse.

Well, jokes apart, they can prove to be the best people around, adding textures, carefree and ready to take up anything. And after all that millions of A1 and A0 sheets that can bury a generation of people, they still say, “It’s just drawing and coloring, you’ve got such a fancy course! This question ignites the villain in any architecture student, beware!



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