20 Unusual Masters options for Unusual Architects
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1. Master’s Degree in Biodigital Architecture

Biodigital Architecture is an avant-garde syllabus that helps you dive deeper into the cybernetic-digital and environmental processes. It is an innovative study for the future of an emerging field of architecture that applies and promotes the genetic and digital principles of variation, mutation, and hybridization. It is a one-year course being offered by UIC Barcelona, Spain.

2. Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development

MSRED is an interdisciplinary one-year graduate program that emphasizes the production of influential participants in the fields of real estate finance, design, and development. It is a course with an insight into the business, economics, sustainable design, urbanism, and legal issues. It is offered by many universities with Tulane School of Architecture, New Orleans, USA, being on top.

3. Master of Advanced Building Simulation

Offered by the Solten University, Cardiff University, etc., this one-year MSc program offers expertise in the control of building form, fabric, and equipment, and how it creates an environmental impact. It also helps in learning how the recognized sustainability assessment of LEED and BREEAM work for certification. Once you graduate, you will receive BREEAM accreditation.

4. Master of Prototyping Future Cities

Offered by National Research University in Russia with a world ranking, this two-year program specializes in the field of smart city development, computer-aided skills, international field trips, and urban facilities. It focuses on digital fabrication, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), urban design, social innovations, and smart urban technologies.

5. Master of Conservation of Decorative Architectural Surfaces

The University of Malta offers knowledge and hands-on experience of two-year in the study of research methods of conservation history and ethics, materials, and use of technology in architectural surfaces and sculpture. It teaches how to conserve the deterioration of stone and related building materials using scientific methods and environmental assessment for conservation.

6. Post-professional MS in Design | Energy | Futures

This course of ‘research + design’ comprises of three semesters focusing on the energy and built environment of urban designs to high-performance buildings, from VR and computational simulation to building material research and product design. It further explores work in the field of adaptive re-use and real estate development. It is offered by the School of Architecture – Syracuse University.

7. Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy

The renowned university SCI-Arc brings out a one-year program that trains future architects to develop new design pedagogies and new means for the production of design theory to become a hybrid of architect-theorist-educator.

8. Master’s degree in architecture – Interior Design and for Autonomy

It is a second-level degree course that sheds a light on a multi-disciplinary approach towards architecture by introducing courses like pedo-technologies and environmental restoration, etc. It is offered by the University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’.

9. Master’s in the design of Urban Spaces, Architectural and Mobility

It is the first master’s degree program that offers a detailed introduction to complexity science. This one-year degree offered by ESDESIGN – Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelonaenhances sensitivity towards the social, economic, and technological advancements that help create or recreate healthy urban spaces for public flexibility.

10. MSc Renewable Energy and Architecture

The University of Nottingham and many other universities offer this one-year degree that highlights the use of technology and novel materials to increase building sustainability and efficiency, and occupant comfort.

11. Master in Renovation of Buildings and Facilities

European Polytechnical University offers this degree providing exposure to the construction industry, computational and engineering methods to design or reimagine the facilities of a building and urban spaces.

12. MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert in Sustainable Engineering: Architecture and Ecology

A program of one-year is developed on the concept of arcology introduced by Paolo Soleri in his book, ‘Arcology: City in the Image of Man’. It is offered by the University of Strathclyde, UK.

13. Master’s in Building Information Management (BIM)

Offered by one of the world-ranked institutes in the UK, the University of Portsmouth, this one-year course introduces the technology of BIM via software to improvise its implementation in design, financial management from conception to construction.

14. Master’s in development and Emergency Practice

This one-year course is offered at Oxford Brookes University focusing on the studies of human rights and governance, disaster management, climate change, humanitarianism, shelter after a disaster, and on how to deal with the risk and conflict while designing.

15. Master’s in digital architecture and Robotic Construction

London South Bank University offers this one-year program to help learn the fabrication and construction of building design in-depth with computer-aided software and the latest technology.

16. Master in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

This two-year course by the Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal, enables graduates to perform engineering activities, as well as, design ships, and other vessels that use the ocean waters as a mean of transportation, exploration of resources, and leisure activities.

17. Master’s in landscape architecture – Land Landscape Heritage

This two-year program not only highlights the design of contemporary design but also on the restoration of gardens of the past. Offered by the Politecnico Di Milano, it encompasses the study of technical, natural, and agronomical sciences, as well as historical, cultural, and social studies.

18. Master of Environmental and Architectural Acoustics

This two-year program is taught at a world-ranked university, London South Bank University, with recognized excellence in the consultation of this field. It facilitates the students with a full-size reverberant and anechoic chambers and a well-equipped laboratory having the latest machinery and technology.

19. Master of Architecture Heritage Preservation and Enhancement

A two-year degree offered by the Politecnico di Torino institute helps master the methodology and theoretical approach towards the preservation, management, enhancement, and advancement of the cultural heritage.

20. ReADs – Master in Retail Architecture and Design for Social and Commercial Purposes

This program is offered by the University of Architecture in Venice –IUAV to be completed in a year. It works towards an exceptional approach to teaching. Students are exposed to internships, workshops, field trips to Sweden – the home of retail, and visits to companies that promote innovation and social beliefs adding to the quality of the goals of essential design.



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