Internship, one of the most important experience in a student’s life. Since the professional world is very different from the college life and involves a lot of knowledge and communication skills that are not gained in a classroom. Internship introduces the student to the field, where they are not just completing with their classmates but also with the others, while gaining adequate experience at securing an entry-level job after

Many believe securing an internship is not the end but the starting to exposure in the chosen career and for your information movies are a lie, internships are not just about making coffees and observing important meetings.

So, here are 10 tips for B.Arch students going for their internships.

1. Research

Use the transition time before starting the internship effectively to know more about the firm, their work and any special skill sets. Have knowledge of the variety of fields of practice and get to know how they go about designing.

10 Tips for B.Arch students going for their Internship
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2. First impressions last.

First impressions are very important. One needs to dress, communicate, and behave like a professional. Smiling, shaking hands, making eye contact is very important. Have a positive attitude.

3. Introduce!

Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone at the beginning of your internship. Communication and confidence are the keys to keep going. Establish good working relations with your co-workers. Be friendly, polite, sensitive, and helpful. Make sure you say thank you.

4. Watch and learn

Understand the culture of the organization by learning the ins and outs of the organization. Be observant and ask questions. Never let your curiosity die as learning has no bounds. Take notes during meetings and maintain a to-do list of all tasks and assignments. Keep your workplace organized and neat. Ask if you can attend meetings with clients and expand your scope.

5. Be professional

Be diligent, curious, and at the same time be punctual and hardworking. Take your responsibilities seriously. Show up on time and never be late. Time management is very important in professional life. Be prepared and don’t miss deadlines. Always follow up and follow through.

6. Communicate

Good communication skills, both written and verbal are important. Get along with others but keep out of gossip.

Seek newer and better ideas to do the same things. Speak up if you have a better solution to a problem. Take everyone away with your skills and knowledge.

7. Never say no.

As an intern, you might not always get interesting work to do. Sometimes you will have to do tasks that might not be fun. But to get better assignments, you will have to do whatever comes to your table with patience and prove yourself.

8. Set goals and reach targets

Always be sure of what the firm’s expectations are from you and live up to it. Accept assignments that come your way and work with diligence. Complete your assignments on time and if you finish work early, ask for more assignments.

9. Be ahead

Use the internet to your advantage and keep working on broadening your software skills. Make yourself valuable to the firm. Keep up with the profession and new technologies.

10. Keep track

Keep track of your assignments at the firm. Discuss your progress with the heads and ask how you can work better towards the betterment of the firm. Ask for feedback on your work. This shows that you will strive to work better in the future.



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