Earlier, the outline of architecture was restricted to the term “building”. A person tends to sum up his knowledge of any field in one word for his understanding, but further study in it would expand his scope of understanding. 

Architecture broadens your perspective and your thoughts as you start questioning things, where you get to know that architecture is not only about the buildings but its context, nature, surroundings, history, its impact on humans and their behavior. Those questions lead to critical thinking of its existence.

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Architecture has improved the observational and analytical skills with human understanding like, subconsciously in public spaces, there is a connection between the people that tells to use that space even if it does not have basic facilities, those subconscious thoughts are not just thoughts but the spaces are made in a way so that a person thinks in that manner. 

The skill of feeling sensations in any space is developed through architecture, as humans perceive any space through its senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and hear. 

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Likewise, architecture has changed the way of looking towards the building. There is a tendency to appreciate those buildings that are different from the others or break the monotony among them. In general, if we talk about skyscrapers, the mental map of those building are made in the form of square or rectangular buildings with glazing like the Seagram Building, New York, USA by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, if some elements differ in its appearance then it becomes appreciable but through critical thinking, we question its existence or raises the question on its necessity.

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Architecture is termed as an art, and as it is said by Christian Marclay that “Art is all in the details” so the focus goes more towards the detailing. The smallest things enhance the whole even if we observe the tread and riser of a staircase it adds to the beauty of the whole building. 

Perspective towards the way one sees and understands in life also changes, as architecture not only helps in understanding the context but also helps in developing as a person with a broader mind and adaptability. 

Knowledge of colors, textures, and materials also helps in perceiving the space differently like bright colors catch your eyes, whereas pastel colors merge with the atmosphere, one can feel the textures and evoke emotions. Architecture forces you to understand the emotional side of the buildings and its surrounding. 

Huge monumental scaled buildings will give a dominating effect but with subtle colors, peace could be found. Walking on the road with skyscrapers on both sides gives sublime emotion but with shorter buildings, you feel free, as some amount of openness is enjoyed and where you could relate to the surroundings which are eventually termed as human scale. 

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When you see a new thing, the very first action is through your finger where you try to get the sensation of touch, you are imposed to touch it, that’s how architecture controls human behavior. Next time when you touch a similar thing you won’t be thrilled because you know about it which in short broadens your knowledge and perspective.

Architecture lets you think differently, sometimes it might be picking out problems with solutions or just lets you think about what could have been done to make it better for all and not be just satisfied with what it is. There needs to be a give-and-take relationship, where you embrace the teaching from architecture and give back its true value.  

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It helps in developing sensitivity towards each parameter which would eliminate anything that could offend any sensation or emotions. Architecture develops a soft corner through which you analyze the context. It also gives you opportunities to enhance your skills and see things in a different manner and not with ordinary eyes. 

From the interiors of the building to exterior and public spaces, each and everything combines to be evaluated from a person’s perspective, which depends on how the person takes it. 

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Observation and study not only help architects to build better surroundings for themselves but also help the public to expand their perspective. People react to the surroundings if they are comfortable in them which gives rise to communities. Areas for the public act as major interactive spots where people from different backgrounds, cultures come together, due to that interaction, people gain some vision and perspective toward their life also. 

The human mind is made to evolve and to adapt the changes according to the surroundings, if they lose the sense of adaptation then they cannot evolve and hence the perspective or the scope of thoughts would be confined which could restrict the development as an individual and also as a community.


Shivalika is a final year student of architecture from Mumbai. She is kind of a “Go with the flow” person and gives 100% to that flow. She likes observing the surroundings, capturing scenic beauty with her eyes and think, there is no choice between beaches and mountains, they both are necessary.