• He is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive real estate portfolio.

  • He now has a real estate portfolio worth around $60 million.

  • Micheal Jordan House Chicago

Michael Jordan is a businessman and retired NBA player regarded as the finest in the game. Many people outside of the United States became interested in American basketball due to Jordan, but that is not all there is to know about him.

He is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive real estate portfolio. Jordan was recently seen in The Last Dance, a sports documentary on his career. The film made us fall in love with him again, allowing us into his lavish lifestyle. Mansions are one of his essential costs; he has spent many million dollars on them over the years and now has a real estate portfolio worth around $60 million. This article features all of Michael Jordan house, from the highly customized – impossible to sell to his newest home. 

1. The Chicago Mansion – No. 23 | Michael Jordan House 

Jordan is strongly related to Chicago, judging by his #23 Chicago Bulls jersey. He formed the squad from the bottom up and led them to six championships. Michael lived on a 7-acre property near Lake Michigan for 19 years, including when he was a player, with nearly 36,000 square feet of residential space. The home is one-of-a-kind and customized to Jordan’s preference – the enormous no. Twenty-three on the gates, an exquisitely decorated cigar room, or even the unique doors from the original playboy mansion in one of the rooms.

This house, unsurprisingly, features a full-size basketball court with Jordan’s logo in the centre and his children’s names surrounding it. This house is part of basketball history since the owner and his teammates utilized the gym every morning. Aside from the ‘basic luxury,’ the property has a wine cellar, an infinity pool with a grass island, a putting green, and a fish pond.

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Chicago Mansion__©Concierge Auctions
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2. Lakefront House and Condo, North Carolina 

Michael Jordan’s portfolio exhibits two large residences in his home state apart from owning the home NBA team, Charlotte Hornets. The primary residence is in Cornelius, roughly a 30-minute drive from their play facility. This property is located on Peninsula Golf Course, features six bedrooms, and is surrounded by water on three sides, providing incredible lake views. The house measures 12,300 square feet, with spiralling stairs on the façade, an outdoor pool, and a private pier with lake access.

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Lakefront Home__©www.businessinsider.in

In addition, he has a luxurious condominium on N. Tyron Street in downtown Charlotte. It is approximately 70,000 square feet and is located on the seventh story of the Trust Condos. The structure is a refurbished modernist construction with Japanese architectural characteristics. The space allows access to a terrace with 360-degree city views and a lounge space with an outdoor kitchen to host parties. 

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Condo, North Carolina__© www.businessinsider.in

3. Holiday Home, Park City, Utah

When Michael Jordan wants to get away from it all, there is a home in the ski haven to unwind and enjoy time with family. This private retreat, estimated to measure over 10,000 square feet, faces a stunning panorama of the Wasatch Mountains. The house’s most remarkable features are the rough rock cladding on the front, wooden windows, and skylight. The big entrance’s curved canopies lend a homey sense to the area, which is emphasized further by the curvaceous spaces on the inside. The house is designed in a contemporary style with traditional materials.

The house has everything a vacationer could want, including an infinity pool, cascading waterfalls, built-in fireplaces, a private theatre, and a golf room. It’s tough to comprehend why the remote gateway has been on the market since 2019, with a current asking price of $7.5 million.

Utah House__©www.dwell.com

4. The Bears Club, Jupiter, Florida | Michael Jordan House

Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette live at ‘The Bears Club,” Jupiter, Florida. Three acres of the property land is surrounded by dense green, providing complete privacy. The house is designed in a modern style with 18 separate roof liners to give “a home within a home” look. The high-profile gated community has an entire golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, used extensively by Jordan even while the mansion was built.

It is believed to have 11 bedrooms and bathrooms, a cigar room, a full-size basketball gym, a cutting-edge media room, a guard hose, a guest house, and a pool house. Cigars and basketball courts are staples in all of Jordan’s homes. The golf course is not your standard palm-tree-studded Florida course; the site boasts hundreds of mature pine trees and scrubs, which are not ideal while playing golf. 

The Bears Club_©httpswww.echofineproperties.com

Overall View 

Aside from these multimillion-dollar residences, two of which Jordan is attempting to sell, he is said to possess a property in Hawaii with a golf course, gym, spa, and private airstrip. It is perfect for taking in beautiful views and includes 12 tiny residences, making it ideal for weddings. He has property not just in the United States but also in China, as well as smaller homes in Spain and Mexico.

Owing to the difficulties in selling the Chicago Mansion due to its high personalization, the current listing price is far less than the costs of building, design, furnishing, and property taxes. Jordan will lose money even if he finds a buyer for his unique project. It strongly indicates how difficult customized houses are to sell or even for people to picture living in.


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