The Business of architecture podcast hosted by Enoch Bartlett Sears, episode 333: Architect Builds Real Estate Empire with Matthew Gullo, is dedicated to delivering pragmatic and cognitive insights, methods, and secrets for establishing a successful and effective practice. The episode primarily focuses on organising your practice so that you may concentrate more on producing your finest work rather than rushing through it or becoming discouraged by its complexity. 

Thoughts to consider: dive into a designer’s mind

As architects and designers, we frequently find ourselves in a cycle of questions such as, “Now, what’s the next step? ” “Where are we heading? ,” “Why is the field the way it is? ,” “How can we upgrade it?” and How to improve ourselves? As individuals, these questions are exactly the signs that one needs to grow, learn more about the things they see around, observe more, or consider the constant desire to accomplish something on their own.

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The perspectives of Matthew Gullo a native Houstonian and graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in architecture in the discussion will assist in this transition by addressing the degree to which an individual must contemplate mindset, day-to-day actions, exploring into how your life must be defined, and the purpose behind. In any field, perspective is developed through paying attention to what’s going on around oneself and endeavouring to improve by having a positive influence on both oneself and others. To realise the opportunities available in the field, one must open up and broaden their horizons.

The self-improvement path

As we reflect on our younger selves, we used to perceive things in a distinctly new yet innocent, way around us. Similarly, one needs to acknowledge their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs too and find a way to overcome them to transform into the person one envisions themselves to be. By constantly improving, not beating yourself up, and giving up on the idea that you can’t do something, you can lay the groundwork for what you will accomplish in the future.

Furthermore, let’s use the example of the various processes that a structure goes through, from the design of buildings and public spaces to the building of functional and aesthetically appealing surroundings, seeking to improve its potential to meet changing needs in the years to come. One can realise the worth of the processes and impending opportunities by viewing this from the designer’s perspective and realising the significance of having a plan for what to accomplish, learning new skills every day, and having a strong desire to participate in the process. As a result, people are more prone to have a sense of growth, which raises the question again, “How far can one go?”.

Whether changing careers or going from working for someone else to starting your own, the ongoing linking of the dots and visualising the process, frameworks, concepts, and their working on the basis of business strategies keeps building images inside the mind just to understand the way they’ll operate. Thus, finding skills, engaging in them, and constantly pushing oneself may result in the magic within, which one can only experience while completely embracing it.

The necessary assistance was explained

As architects, we have a connection with people from varied creative backgrounds. One should maintain a couple of people or a good network whom one can trust. It sometimes becomes much easier to start the work, and the resources can make it grow forward. The podcast also highlights the secret to success in any discipline is the ongoing effort; understanding its potential limitations, following successes; and discussing it with those who share your viewpoints to assist in fighting a fight daily.

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In the early phases of any business, a network of people can assist you to grasp the models, expectations, processes, and complexities of running a business, which may include managing projects and people and dealing with clients, contractors, and money. Communicating, leading to possibilities, and learning to grow as a team are something an individual can take away from the show.

The episode also emphasises the crucial change in perspective that results from believing in the transformation from who you were to who you are becoming. An individual considers the idea behind making all the additional effort to live a life and experience it on their terms. 

When one begins to concentrate on all aspects of their business rather than just giving their attention to designing, planning, drafting and execution like someone working for another organisation, then the statement “You’re no longer an architect, an engineer or a contractor when you start your own business, you’re a businessman”. Matthew Gullo fits right. 


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