The creative brain, directed by Jennifer Beamish and Toby Trackman, talks about how the human brain works simultaneously towards and against creativity, including architecture, music, cooking, and teaching. The whole documentary reveals who we are and what human brains are capable of. The documentary features the stories of nine creative innovators from different backgrounds, and each of them fits as an outstanding role model in their field. Each person explains their perspective on changing and breaking the rules by pushing the boundaries, which lets us explore the world of possibilities. It’s all about how the power of the creative brain remakes our lives.

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Neuroscientist David Eagleman taps inside the differing creator’s creative process while investigating intellect-turning, risk-taking habits to spark creativity. He is a neuroscientist and author captivated by one intellect’s immense, common feats of human intelligence. In this film, he sets out to depict the main or freestanding column and functions of the imaginative brain. His counseling inside the film exists clear and to the point.

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The Human Creativity | The Creative Brain

Creativity is what human brains do; creativity is much more than art. Someone having an idea, making something, inventing something, brings changes in the world. Generation after generation the way of living is changed, and the thinking process gets evolved. Creativity emerges when we get off the path of least resistance, so the first way to get more creative is to dig deeper to get the path of least resistance. Creativity comes from ideas that get converted into concepts and give wings to imagination. It’s human mind power that determines every aspect of your reality and it’s your individual choice or choices that determine what you will or will not experience.

Claire Bousher, better famous by her nickname Grimes, exists as a musician thinking other than the conventional box through her other side to personality. She talks about herself two together as Claire and as Grimes, noticing that animate objects admit her to make mistakes, develop in mind or physical skill, and try new belongings.

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The Creative Challenge

Changing your career from your comfort zone to a very different field is very challenging. It changes your lifestyle and changes your thinking ability. Pop music artist Kelis (singer, songwriter, and chef) forced herself into something that was uncomfortable at first, she was able to access that spark and sow something new.

Ehren Tool(potter), after coming from the gulf war, forces himself to find a new creative passion to continue for the rest of life. Challenges led him to end up in the ceramic’s world. Today, he creates ceramics with the most difficult themes, death, war, loss. He creates cups with images of the gulf war. It’s a creative way to challenge your brain with reality and the other side’s imagination. 

The Concept of Originality

What we develop in mind or physically is unique because existence experiences are rare and change from person to person. According to fiction writer Michael Chabon, fearing a lack of creativeness is no excuse, either. “I remember creativity is usually stacked. I judge its nonsense. There never existed the aforementioned true creativity. It’s fashionable to play with the agreement that creativity stands. It’s not in the refusal of tradition, to me.” It’s as smooth as opening your eyes to the artistic realm all around the United States of America.

“Creativity happens not about making an entity out of nothing,” Eagleman maintains. “Instead, it’s about refashioning what before likely existed.” It exists in the United States of America fighting our very smart person’s urge to veer toward knowledgeableness by discovering deeper, pushing the outer limits, and watching the lack of success in the face. Those exist the three natural ways to harness your artistry. 

The Architectural Perspective | The Creative Brain

Among bureaucracy, it also gives a habit to become an artistic human being, saying that one may be an imaginative person. The whole idea begins with being artistic at another time the idea gets the idea and later the power to create in one’s mind of the future happened. Every member of the human species bears a different view that emanates their creative mind. 

Architectural design exists in the rare occurrence of problem-solving that in most cases draws orderly actions. Change is coming fashionable in the architecture declaration, and this is a much-wanted survey of the critical thinking ability that a person who designs buildings has in great amount or supply. There exists a simple method to harness our artistry. The architect is expected to be capable of examining the various beliefs, evaluating the ruling class fashionable the circumstances of different views, and balancing and supplying instructions.

In this way, we can exploit what is real to be human, to swallow the class of existing beings and produce entities, anything, that bear never lies before. It’s certainly a compelling and mind-exploring circumstance. A distance between two points exists between the input and something that produces cruel intellect action. 


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