Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself – The brain is involved in the most basic to complex areas of our life. The brain plays a significant role in shaping your personality, guiding your actions, and helping you achieve your desires. This book introduces the idea of an infinite quantum field in which we exist. Today, we live in this energy field that responds to our thoughts and feelings. With an aware mind and a healthy brain, we can create our realities. This book brings our focus to the power of our mind and its role in creating thoughts and feelings which would go on to creating -an aware self.

“The process of change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self.” – Dr.Joe Dispenza

Book review Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself by Dr.Joe Dispenza
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Dr.Joe Dispenza has authored many books including Evolve Your Brain(2007), which talks about the power of our mind and brain. He studied Biochemistry at Rutgers University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in neurosciences. He earned his Doctor Of Chiropractic from Georgia and has an active chiropractic practice in Olympia, Washington. Dr.Joe combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and epigenetics to show the readers the ability and capacity of our minds. He bridges the gap between the knowledge of spirituality and modern-day science. This book is a starting point for anyone who would like to explore the power that one holds within, and the simple steps of recognizing and utilizing this energy for a better life experience.

The book is based on the quantum model of the universe which states that the world that we live in is nothing but a collection of atoms, and atoms are mostly space; atoms are energy. So, if we ponder over this we understand that our external world is a field of energy(atoms) and frequencies. There is no solid matter but only different fields of energy. In the book, Dr.Joe Dispenza takes us on a journey of understanding the quantum model of our realities. This book provides a scientific basis for the facts and concepts discussed. Therefore reading this book is like taking a journey to help understand the power of our minds and the fundamentals of life. The book is divided into three major parts. Part I and II helps the readers understand the fundamentals of a new and broader model of understanding the world. The first few chapters talk about neural connections and brain circuits and introduce the readers to the world of neuroscience in very simple yet effective terms. Part III of the book is about applying the knowledge of the previous parts to see the results of the various mindful exercises discussed in this book. This part largely focuses on the importance of meditation, along with a step-by-step guide that helps us to be able to generate results based on this knowledge.

PART-I: The Science of You | Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself

This part starts with the understanding of the correlation between the scientific and philosophical concepts about the nature of our present-day reality. It brings our focus to the idea of how our mind(subjective) has a direct impact on our external world(objective). The subject of quantum physics is explained by giving various examples and research, making it easy to understand such a deep scientific topic. 

In the chapters that follow, Dr.Joe talks about the ‘Big Three’- namely the environment, your body, and time. He discusses how we lead towards pure consciousness- by becoming no-body, losing the track of time paradigm, and completely letting go of the external environment. Furthermore, he explains each of the 3 points in detail and how to overcome them to become pure energy- become a no-body.

He also brings our attention to the difference between living in survival and living in creation. Once we let go of the Big Three, we become pure consciousness and thus forget about the physical body and surroundings. When we have no external factors controlling us – we enter a state of creation.

PART II: Your Brain and Meditation 

The basis of this chapter is the concept that we have 3 brains which- allows us to move from thinking to doing to being. Here the author focuses on the power of our thoughts, and how thoughts alone can trigger the action which further leads to the desired result. In a state of energy, our brain cannot tell the inner world and the external environment apart.  Thus, now the body and mind become one.

In this part, Dr.Joe introduces the readers to a rather interesting concept- The Gap. It is the gap between who you are in your private, inner world and what you appear to be in the outer world. The ultimate goal is to achieve transparency with yourself, and when one appears as who you really are, one is truly free. This part concludes by demystifying the concept of meditation which discusses brain wave activities and their relation to the subconscious mind. Dr.Joe mentions how when we meditate we connect to a greater source of energy- which helps you master your body, your environment, and your mind.

PART III: Stepping Towards Your new Destiny | Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself

This part acts as a literal guide to the knowledge from the previous parts. It helps one experience the power of the mind as explored in the book. It provides a step-by-step meditation process that helps the readers to apply all the theories and concepts discussed in the book. It takes you through a series of inspired actions required to achieve the state of no-body, no-time, and no-thing. 

The beautiful and mindful structure of this book allows the readers to experience the journey right from gaining knowledge to implementing it for desired outcomes. The first two parts elaborately describe scientific theories with examples to provide us with all the necessary what and why. So that when we reach the third part we do not have any doubts or confusion about the process of meditation. Thus, when you begin meditation you will know exactly what you are doing. Like any other skill that we learn, the process of meditating also requires time and practice. And with conscious efforts and intention meditation becomes like a second nature like cooking, driving, or playing our favorite sport. With your mind and body in coordination and with persistence you might really- lose your mind and create a new one.


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