Aedas is an internationally acclaimed architectural design studio doing groundbreaking work in design. Founded by architect Keith Griffiths as a small company in Hong Kong, it slowly started growing outward once it stepped into infrastructure work like airports and railways. They do every kind of work in design, and a saying goes by, you name it, we do it.

With chief people at its core, the buildings constructed range from residential, retail, mixed-use, corporate, education, and hospitality to as many as 12 sectors. The team is over 1200 people strong with creativity at heart and a presence in 13 countries.

Core values

The firm instills the idea of connecting the tangibility of the building with the culture and the people and making them feel associated with it. The passion for creating distinctive, perennial, and unfading architecture with meeting the requirements of development and change keeps them activated. Aedes’ passion and enthusiasm for the right design and the client’s success are ethics that govern its functioning. 

The philosophy of Aedas is worth heeding. It believes in comprehending the local communities’ culture and mores to impart more meaning to the built ecosystem. Respect, diversity, and creativity are the core values driving the unit. Its intent to stay close to the roots has led to many significant structures occupying the city skylines.

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Aedas is a massive design practice spread around the planet, with projects predominantly in Southeast Asia. The firm is involved in architecture and interior design and mixes up nicely with graphics and arts. Landscape architecture and retail destinations are two prominent areas of development for the firm, with an increase in demand for it. One of the first works by Aedas was in the year 2004, in Macau, where it implemented a casino resort project. Since then, there has not been any looking back.

MCC Shengshi International Plaza, Heartland 66, Nansha Kingboard Plaza, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences, etc., are some of the latest works done by the team in and around the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The structures are made with the state of the art technology to fabricate intelligently sustainable outcomes.

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Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Central Building_©Aedas

The Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Central Building is an education center and one of the most attractive landmarks. The project was won through a competition. The concept is powerfully developed, inspired by scholar stones that are profusely found around the Taihu lake. The planning and arrangement of programmes are methodically done keeping in mind the students who access the zones. The facade is eye-catching and fluid. It keeps changing simply by revolving around it. The balance between solid and void is very perfectly figured out and makes sure natural light and ventilation is duly respected.

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Hua Centre_©Aedas

The Hua Centre, a mixed-use project, very well explains Aedas’ way of functioning as a design unit, being well aware of the need and preferences. The form of the shopping center takes one by surprise, and the materials used hint at modernity within traditional contexts.

The use of graphic design is a vital cog in adding new layers to design for people to infuse. Signage and wayfinding are unsung ingredients in their projects, having a dedicated team of professionals looking after. The firm has ventured into arts and theaters and is creating a niche in this discipline of design. Stage design, restoring museums and theaters, music halls, etc., are all covered by the team at Aedas.

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London Coliseum_©Aedas

Design Process

Aedas has inculcated a peculiar process of designing buildings. The first thing they start with is by being relevant to the local city, and that has become their growth story. Every time they work in a new place, they start with studying the local context and culture. This has been the way of working at Aedas, where they set up an office once they secure large amounts of work in a particular city. It is followed by extensive research to create pertinence to the site and place of work.

The way of working is quite distinctive. With every project that comes to them, they start with creating a concept, as a metaphor. An analogy is made at the very start, and the project follows those lines. The designers are discreet with the way of life, customs, and traditions of the users and then mix them well with the metaphor, generating robust designs that see years into the future.

Concept Sketches_©Aedas

Final words

Aedas is one of the few companies to have risen from the ranks. It is led by expressive and inspired minds aware of the significance of architecture in the present and the future. Having a commanding and potent array of structures that create value and wealth, Aedas receives many awards across diverse categories.

With more than a hundred projects in their pipeline, the team is looking forward to growing. In terms of creating the right kind of architecture and paving the way for humans and other species to coexist with the built environment, Aedas looks well set to mature and spread geographically. With sound principles and leaders in its arsenal, Aedas is on the path to making history.


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