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Now You See Me Review – With the world stepping its foot into the 5G technology as advancements are suggesting, one might wonder what the future beholds for Architecture. Every sector has been a part of an invisible race whose developments weigh higher. But can this race take a twist, and instead of just a win-alone contest, it can become a solution to many problems yet a win-together scenario? In these prime and peak years of facilities, their golden use is also an important criterion to look forward to. The technological period is eating up the jobs of many labourers work but as well as developing new opportunities. Will this be similar in Architecture too? Or we can turn this table around and give birth to a new era of Architecture that will be remembered throughout. 

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Media entertainment is one big industry in today’s world. Something that people could soulfully enjoy and relate with themselves on some level. Fantasies is another child of this industry that influences not only your heart but tricks the brain too. The advancements in the film production are just beyond our limits and visuals play a vital role. This cinematic architecture is yet another influence on this Profession. Movies like Inception, Doctor Strange, and many more have changed the dimensions and reality of the built forms. But another pearl in the ocean is named Now You See Me, a suspense movie based on belief in a magician world altered with the modern-day era. 

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In this Now You See Me review the movie takes place with justice given with the use of magic and deception. In the world of virtual reality, this might seem like a pebble in a river. But usage of this for the betterment and improvement will make a change. The creative skills of a magician bonded with twisting illusions of architecture benefits multiple at once. People and professions are interlinked with giving and taking procedures. All skill sets are interdependent on one another to achieve the goal. With spreading and deep rooting branches of architecture spreading its foliage in a variety of fields, the next-generation construction techniques can be impactful.

Shifting the spotlight over the movie, in totality, it can be taken as one large production performed with four short narratives under supreme guidance. The show stealer must require an equipped platform. On the same note, with the given guidance and detailed blueprints of the play, the four horsemen reach their destiny. The play is broadly divided into three parts.

The first part where the use of the stage is not done for just the performance but the machinery and lighting arrangements are also used boldly. The replica of volt under the stage and entry-exit arrangements highlight the act. Coming to the second one where yet another studio used to perform with considering the audience and host interaction. Last but not least, the third and final act was done on an old and empty building using its every face as a screen. Each façade pixelates and gets transformed into a canvas showcasing its last routine. The vital factor of each act is the escape, which is generally underestimated in comparison with the act. In the end, the result speaks for all. 

With every coming breakthrough, mankind is exposed to new levels of wonders and sets a new datum for coming up with theories. Architecture with illusion is used in various sections, such as the medical and gaming industry. The better the environment, the faster the recovery. The usage of these visual arts in the form of temporary architecture provides a nourishing environment for the patient. The supportive climate for physical as well as mental health shows relatively improved results. Along with medical usage, these theories can also change the parameters for the safety and defence sector. Creating deceptions to protect territory or just home can be another useful input in the security division. Not one, not two, but many industries can be benefited from this know-how.


As of the beginning of the advancements in material, machinery, and money factor within the last two decades, we are far beyond our limits. Starching the band more in the right direction will enlarge our horizon, but the same thing going in the wrong direction will lead to the breakage of the band and terrible Strick back effect. The decision and impact both are in the picture, but how to paint it aesthetically is up to us. Architecture gives us the ability to imagine and breathe into space. When one enters the space, space enters within them too. How can we blindsight the most impactful industry in daily life with such advancements into the dark?

Flying into the sky or landing on the moon was once an illusion of magic, but now that’s hard base truth. Architecture holds the power of turning magic into reality, we have been witnessing this for generations, and now it is our turn to enter this act and leave behind a grand escape. One which will help millions all over the world in countless fields. Architecture being a blend of art and science, let us all help it accomplish its destiny.

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