Pramod Beri, is the Managing Director of an architectural and engineering consultancy firm, Beri Architects and Engineers Pvt. Ltd. which is known across the nation. He is exclusively qualified, both as an Architect and Engineer. He is declared as a licensed Architect in the State of Michigan, U.S.A. 

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Pramod Beri is also a fellow member of ‘The Indian Institute of Architects’ and ‘The Institution of Engineers (India). Mr. Beri has designed several large industrial complexes, besides designing many health care, educational, rehabilitation, commercial, residential, and religious facilities. 

He has several national recognitions to his credit. Being an Architect, he has received two awards of excellence from The Indian Institute of Architects in the year 1997, and as an Engineer, he has won the outstanding Architectural Engineering personality award in the national convention held in 1998 (Architectural Engineering Division). He has recently received the ‘Excellence in Structural Engineering’ award from the American Concrete Institute (India Chapter) and the National Design lifetime achievement award from the Institute of Engineers, India. 

Mr Pramod Beri’s project works have been published in several top leading Indian professional magazines. Technical papers, written by him, have been published in multiple National and International academic journals. He has also received many opportunities to read his technical papers at various national seminars.

The Origin of the Book

Pramod Beri when invited to various design workshops, realized students get carried away by ‘isms’ or by market trends. They were actually unaware of the emotional impact a structure can have on the feelings of the users. Thus he designed and facilitated a week-long workshop named ‘Form Follows Feelings’ to address these shortcomings. The other professors who accompanied the students during the course of this workshop felt that this philosophy and innovative approach must be well documented to reach a wider audience of students and teachers. Thus this book is an outcome of such requests.

About the Book

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Various projects have been documented, and he has explained how feelings can be realized through the spaces and forms in a structure or a building.

The core objective of this book is to create a sense of understanding among the students. It will help them to tackle a design problem with a deep understanding of the feelings a built form can invoke in the user groups. This will be beneficial for their academics as well as in their further professional practice. Thus this book is not just for students but also for young architects and professionals venturing into their practice. It will help create a better vision for the upcoming projects in the future.

The famous philosophy of form follows function was later enlarged to encompass form follows services, form follows technology, form follows systems, and so on. But Pramod Beri’s concept of ‘form follows feelings’ leaves a deep impact on many. After all, architecture involves both feelings and function. He has literally woven the architecture fabric using threads of forms, feeling, and function, thus attaining a spiritual expression to those structures.

Seventy five projects have been explained in detail along with relevant concepts, theories, and analytical diagrams. The projects have been categorized into various groups – residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, religious, etc. Every project is explained along with technical drawings like plans, sections, elevations as well as conceptual diagrams and photographs, and inferences.

The book also introduces the six principles/ parameters of Ar. Pramod Beri. The first parameter promotes the incorporation of the Panchamahabhutas. The second says about balancing both male and female forms. The third explains the equipotentiality of the space. The fourth one lies in the glorification of spaces. Fifth is the connection of the structure and its spaces both with the earth and the sky. The last and the sixth is paying attention to the night architecture.


Feelings are the soul of any project. After all, it’s a user’s feelings or experiences amidst and around the space that generate the impact the structure has over its users. A form that syncs with the feelings of people, gels with the design, bringing out an astonishing experience. Thus this book, ‘Form Follows Feelings’, has been of great significance to all architectural students, young architects, and professionals. It spreads awareness regarding the importance of creating feelings, adding to immortal structures. It explains how a form evolves as per the feelings, needs, and comfort of users. 

This book is going to be an eye opener creating a new vision for a brighter future.

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