Celebrities live lives of stage and screen, charter jets, and film premieres, but one thing we can’t help but fantasize about is their houses. When you visualize a typical celebrity house, you probably see a posh mansion nestled into a rugged Hollywood cliff, a thousand-bottle wine cellar, numerous car garages, an in-home atelier, and insanely lavish home decor. While those do exist, the truth is that many down-to-earth superstars prefer pragmatism and elegance over-obvious, in-your-face grandeur. 

Keep reading to know about one such singer, Troye Sivan, and his viable house ideas that stole many hearts!

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The main living area_ ©Anson Smart

The Site

Troye Sivan’s house in Melbourne is quirky, modest, and offbeat. The artist and performer chose to settle in a serene neighbourhood. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the singer has returned to Australia after nearly 6 years in Los Angeles. His Victorian-style house was built in 1869 as a handball court. The site was converted into a brick factory for Carlton in 1950 before being converted into a house in 1970 by highly regarded Australian architect John Mockridge. This beautiful house was then restored in 2020 by Flack Studio, Australia’s leading interior design, and architectural firm.

An inside look at all the houses owned by Troye Sivan - Sheet2
quirky, modest, and offbeat feel_ ©Anson Smart

The house was confined because of its historical character to the original structure of the building. But in Troye Sivan’s style, the Australian design company managed to decorate the residence of John Mockridge. Nonetheless, the Bohemian elements of the 1970s in Melbourne have been retained by Sivan and Flack Studio.

Level One

A three-story open space with a patio packed with flora native to Australia, California, and Japan — countries where Troye Sivan has spent 25 years in his life.

The ground floor has a kitchen, dining room, living room, and courtyard. The kitchen and bathrooms were altered during the conversion of the residence. For Flack Studio to extend the area of the kitchen, the bathroom on the ground level was destroyed. As there was an in-house bathroom necessary, an ancient bodega was turned into a rolling red powder room in the courtyard area.

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The living area extending to the patio with bifold doors_ ©Anson Smart

Flack Studio also includes wide bifold doors to the dining area in addition to the outside powder room. This draws internal parts closer to the house and the patio and brightens up the industrial building through the wall. The living area, which extends to the patio via the big bifold doors, is anchored by a vintage Percival Lafer sofa.

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The kitchen_ ©Anson Smart

The dining table and the wood cabinets in the kitchen are designed by Falck Studio. This organic material connects the industrial interior to a light and colourful garden with red clay bricks and black stainless steel fittings.

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The guest bedroom_ ©Anson Smart

Level Two

Troye Sivan’s house also serves as a home for his sister. The middle story houses her earthy tone bedroom as well as a guest bedroom. A bathroom in this portion of the property features a newly built skylight that fills the room with natural light.

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The Social Room_ ©Anson Smart

Simultaneously, one can also find a second social room as well as a home office where the Australian pop artist jots down some of his ideas.

The Upper Level

The upper story of Troye Sivan’s house is solely dedicated to the Australian artist. Troy Sivan’s bedroom and private bathroom are housed in the third-story Victorian-era home.

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Bathroom with the bath tub_ ©Anson Smart

This floor was redesigned so that he could have a bathtub. Aesthetics and relaxation are equally essential to Troye Sivan. And it’s all about feeling comfortable in his flesh. A location where he belongs, alongside the contemporary art pieces that stimulate his mind and the vintage furniture that compliments his wonderful visual sense.

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Seating overlooking the patio_ ©Anson Smart

Have you ever seen something that seems so warm and heartfelt while being luxurious and well embellished?! Troye Sivan’s home is intended to be his meditation space. And he believes that staying in a space that is also a getaway from the outside world is vital. Troye Sivan, in other words, desires that everyone’s house should be the place they envisage when they meditate.  

For him, a welcoming environment with the most comfortable sofa in the world, as well as natural and soft lighting. As a result, the modifications incorporated by Flack Studio improved the amount of daylight and soothing zones within the home. The home is filled with sconces and other illumination that reveal tiny beams of soft light, creating a subtle yet pleasurable setting.

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Troye Sivan in his Melbourne house_ ©Anson Smart

Unlike many other celebrities, Troye Sivan revealed in a Vogue interview that if he woke up alone in a house with 19 rooms, he would have been very sad. And thus, as a testimony to these thoughts, when he opens the windows of his Melbourne house and feels the carpet beneath his feet, the breeze over the trees, and watches people in the park, it makes him extremely happy. This is what matters. In all a house that seems warm and heartfelt while being luxurious and well embellished. A house that has captured many people’s hearts!!


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