Studio lotus, an award-winning collaborative firm, was founded in 2002 by three architects with a present capacity of 60. Ankur, Sidhartha, and Ambrish started with a unified idea to promote Conscious design, which includes thinking about the existing environment and strongly considering the local context. User-oriented design is one of the main factors that is researched upon throughout the design process. Unlike the usual step-by-step process that is followed during a firm’s design journey, Studio Lotus gives prime importance to the conceptual stage and keeps it at the centre of the journey.

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Studio Lotus-Library wall_ ©Beautifulhomes

The first few projects executed by Studio Lotus include an interior design project for a gym, and play area at the Habitat Center, and an office for a travel agency and then transitioned towards adaptive-reuse project typology along with spacious residential spaces.

The Studio: How it all began?

This article gives an insight into this special firm’s haven in South Delhi. Initially, this office was started in a small flat in an apartment building close to the current address. The patio leads you into the entry area, which has shelves filled with material samples of wood, concrete, and fabric that are useful to showcase and discuss when clients arrive. The library is cleverly placed to connect the other spaces like the office area, conference room, and meditation room with it. A sliding door that looks like an actual door is the front face of the library shelves. The overall theme has white and light brown wood materials with concrete flooring. Panels and sections of light brown wood intersperse with the white space, giving a pop of freshness and earthiness.

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The conference room has a glass shelf lined up with awards and accolades won at INSIDE Creative Reuse Project of the Year, Design for Asia’s Grand Jury Prize, World Holiday Building, World Architecture News Awards, a nomination in the Aga Khan Awards Cycle, and many others.

Slotted-angle shelves and daylight take you to a different place. The best aspects here are the morning yoga sessions, long mealtimes, and a large library that is sure to entice avid readers. There are not any fixed desks or spots, and the space is bustling with activity and discussions most of the time on the second floor. Along with the busy studio life, there is a strict work-rest balance that is followed by yoga sessions and a vibrant collaboration between people.

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If you do plan to stop by, do not miss the working model on the storage racks in the studio or the coffee station in the courtyard with swings. Daylight spills into the working area, which helps to save energy and boosts mood. The kitchen is not like most, with a microwave oven and a fridge. Actual food gets cooked in the space with a lot of priority given to eating meals on time.

Here’s a list of remarkable projects done by Studio Lotus:

1) Paro by Good Earth 

This is a unique project as it enhances the retail experience by bringing in elements that are usually not seen in a retail shop. Different additions like consultancy, therapy, lectures, workshops, and retail can be seen in this branch of Good Earth. The scale of interaction, therefore, is greatly reduced where the user experience is more visual and enhanced. The ambience created is relaxing, warm, and inviting at the same time with a feeling of peace within the user. As it can be understood from the ethos of the firm, their work is representative of their inner style. The highlight of this building is that the bricks used for the inner structure are from a demolished haveli from the 18th century. The rest of the space is characterized by warm, and neutral colors that compliment the brick structure. Without any strong, and fancy material finishes, and the hand-painted designs from the Vedas, this project is authentic and timeless.

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Paro_ ©ArchitectMagazine
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Studio Lotus-Retail space_ ©ArchitectMagazine

2) Villa in the Woods

The visual imagery is apt for the title of this three-story built environment project. It is located in Uttarakhand and is part of a master plan project in the Himalayan forests at the foot of the Kumaon range. The primary concept of the project was to build a self-sustained space for a community and relax in the presence of nature. Due to the level difference, residents enter the light-filled living and kitchen area from the road. Apart from the serene ambience, the panoramic views are the main element that is appreciated by everyone. The wastewater generated from the building is reused for other purposes. Construction in the hilly regions is much harder and has to be done with an environmentally conscious mind due to the impact it could have on the surroundings. A pre-fabricated structure was finally proposed with lightweight steel sections and six-layered drywall that could easily be transported to the site. This significantly reduces waste generated on the site and allows for a faster on-site construction timeline. With such a unique project in the country, Studio Lotus is definitely underrated. 

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Road Level of the Buidling_ ©Mangrovecollective
Studio Lotus-Villa in the Woods_ ©Archdaily


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