SOUL for the soul of architecture is the parameter with which the firm defines the processes with its architecture. Set up by Sonali and Manit Rastogi in 1996, Morphogenesis is all around the world perceived for its different work that includes a scope of particular practice regions – Master Planning, Residential, Commercial, Workplace, Institutional, Hospitality, and Houses, through in-house coordinated venture conveyance in Sustainability, Interiors, Landscape, Digital Technologies, and Design Management. The practice works in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, and the UAE. 

“In a world struggling with environmental degradation, we need to revisit traditional Indian architecture and use locally available materials for construction, to build a sustainable future”, says Sonali Rastogi, founder partner of architecture firm Morphogenesis.

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Building up an effective practice is credited to Manit’s schooling in sustainability just as work with John Frazer as his significant impacts to date. “Frazer introduced me to nature and the interconnected universe, to evolutionary space and time, and that gave me our vision and purpose.Simos Yannas assisted me with understanding the study of passive design, which frames the premise of basically everything we do today,” he clarifies.

For Sonali, being Indian and living in a developing country with diversity in craft and materials being encircled by the climate and history has been key in forming her perspective. “Our education at the Architectural Association (London) exposed us to cutting-edge architecture and discourse on design, furthering our ability to see and absorb. So, it is an institution, not a person that helped me on my way to the almost constant development of sensibility, and not a one-time influence,” she expresses.

Sustainability. Optimization. Uniqueness. Liveability. 

All the arrangements are established in Sustainability, Optimization, Uniqueness, and Liveability. These boundaries characterize the inquiry cycle that shapes the design of Morphogenesis. All tasks at Morphogenesis are inspected, given its first standards on the best way to latently give the basics of solace, security, liveability but reasonably react to the nearby environment and biology while remaining monetarily practical and internationally relevant. We have spearheaded this methodology by working past the customary regions while addressing the client brief and desire and working flawlessly.

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“In the case of India, one issue was strongly centered on sustainability, and sustainability was not understood as purely energy, but environmental, social, and financial sustainability,” says Manit Rastogi, founder partner of architecture firm Morphogenesis.

The firm believes that sustainability is a key parameter in each undertaking. Sustainability is not a finished layer of applied innovation but it builds up the very basis of every design. Each project is imagined or worked through a manner that frames it to deal with strategy, arranging, plan, innovation, detached and low energy plan. The firm undertakes the plan in a way that decreases the utilization of assets and energy bringing about structures devouring up to half lesser energy than the certified Green Building benchmark.

The firm comprehends regular working in a climate with restricted assets consequently, by detaching methodologies and reacting to the nearby environment and biology and address solace, wellbeing, decency boundaries and are careful that undertakings remain monetarily suitable and all around the world relevant. The firm believes in character and variety versus visual homogeneity. This guarantees every one of our activities is interesting while reacting to the customer, environment, setting, and the end clients.

The end client consistently sits at the focal point of the planning cycle in dealing with building brilliant conditions. The firm thinks about versatility, security, open-air solace, innovation, wellbeing and prosperity, simplicity of office the board, and calamity preparation to make spaces that function admirably for all clients.

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Gender-Equity as a Motto

Indian plan firm Morphogenesis has now gotten one of the world’s first engineering practices to report a sexual orientation pay hole for its female representatives. The report mirrors the company’s endeavors to help long haul vocation movement for ladies in a nation where they procure only 62% of which men acquire. Thus, figures of sex variety are excellent across all levels of Morphogenesis’ 190-individuals solid authoritative chain of command – from help administrations to influential positions. Thus, ladies right now head four of the company’s five inside offices.

Contextualizing the Context

The Morphogenesis venture is an impression of the contemporary Indian point of view inside the worldwide setting, consolidating its propelled, groundbreaking vision while deferentially referring to the soul of conventional Indian subcontinental engineering, and meanwhile keeping a cozy spotlight on the ecological setting and culture of the task. 

They call attention to “Space is presently not an actual substance. Learning is at this point not restricted to a specific space. In a world equipped by the Internet, learning is digitized and our constructions should accept that. It is energizing to make spaces that reverberate with the present youth as well as resonate in them deep rooted learning of living in a state of harmony with the climate.”

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Sustainable Architecture is the Future

“On an undertaking level, we conceptualize ideas. Manit pursues characterizing the passive design system, defining out objectives and measurements that should be accomplished. I’m the subtleties individual, helping that through into the genuine plan, guaranteeing proficiency in conveying projects on schedule and to quality” , says Sonali Rastogi.  It’s this cooperative energy that keeps the wheels moving at Morphogenesis.


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