Three Birds Renovations, a power team of three women braving the tasks of renovations from the bottom up with creative, sleek design solutions, is something everyone needs to watch. It isn’t just a team based on creative intellect and professional camaraderie but a strong connection with roots in a long-standing friendship of 20 years. These three powerhouses have been through everything together, and all it took for them was one brave leap of faith to quit monotonous jobs and kick start Three Birds Renovations. They have tons of renovated houses in their belt, but their very first house was renovated and sold in just a few short months of them starting this venture.

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Their Forever Homes | Three Birds Renovations

Every member in Three Birds Renovations has their unique style and this is visible in the upgrades of their forever homes. These houses rely heavily on architecture style, the context of the location and the occupants inhabiting it. The very first house improvement was Lana’s forever home amid a busy neighbourhood. Her foresight and vision were to bring the magic of Santorini with their bougainvillea to the buzzing district of Sydney. The illusion of a Santorini home is observed throughout the space with the white walls, wicker accents, and splashes of blue. 

The next house upgrade is Bonnie’s beautiful farmhouse, their grandest, most precarious renovation to date. This renovation consists of large spaces, outdoor areas, and semi-open spaces, with the touch of minimalism and a farmhouse aesthetic. Mere words cannot describe this beast of an upgrade, and a look through this playlist is a must to understand Bonnie’s design choices and forever home, five years in the making. Their website is easy to navigate and explains, in brief, their ventures and tips for DIY home decor and styling.

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Women in design and architecture are considered a rare sight, and them excelling in a highly male-dominated industry is even scarce. The budding growth of Three Birds Renovations sends massive waves of encouragement and empowerment to other women who wish to do the same. They have created their niche in this industry with their meticulous design deliveries, exceptional teamwork and unparalleled design style. This is just the beginning of even more crafty renovations from their end and, that is a guarantee to all their old viewers, new viewers and casual lurkers on YouTube.

The Minds behind Three Birds Renovations

What started as buying and flipping houses turned into renovating and rebuilding their own forever homes. Their firm is now a platform to empower and inspire women all around the globe by bringing their dream homes to life. Bonnie is their creative head, the mastermind behind all the stunning house flips. She constantly brings something unique and uncanny to the table, which ultimately makes sense in the bigger picture. Lana is their marketing director and, a sack of energy bursting at the seams, something visible in all of their videos. From her vibrant aura that brightens up the worksite to her experience and knowledge in sales and marketing is what makes her a complete package. 

Erin, the cool, calm and collected Bird, is an operational manager and integral part of their high functioning team. She carries the extensive burden of budgeting, problem-solving, and tracking shipments, a great source of stress reliever when it comes to tackling projects as big as renovations. These three women create spectacular, jaw-dropping, catalogue worthy designs, something that one can only hope to achieve.

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The Growing List of Renovated Houses 

A great way these projects are made accessible to the viewers is the numbering system each renovated house follows, with their respective playlist on their YouTube channel and website. The first project you ever take is the most complicated and arduous journey. Despite the several difficulties, it is crucial to address this project, as the inception of this project was the kick start to Three Birds Renovations. The task of re-doing a house that previously housed a hoarder meant that some drastic changes were up in the cards. The only testament to the house history is the original floorboards and a considerably improved yard. The house now is a space of calming neutral greys with hints of warm timber. Something more complex than renovating a dilapidated house is a house that is in perfect health

Houses two, three and four appear easier to tackle and beautify, but they proved to be more intricate to design. The second house got the classic Hamptons look that Bonnie aimed for; the third house was a risky dungeon do-over to a bright, breezy two-level home, while the fourth depicted a cascade of shades of varying greys and cladding. In renovations, the space that deludes the designer into thinking it as the easiest is often the trickiest to get through, and these three houses prove just that.

One of the notable designs and their very first collaboration is the tenth house, the Hinterland Hideaway. This project was a joint effort with Peppa Hart, their website designer, to create a white wonder with the core ideas of minimalism along with pastel bursts of colour. Every room in this house, right from the entryways to toilets, has a marvellous selection of tiles and paint hues without losing the conceptual interpretations of the space.

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