As a relatively young firm that began in 2005, Abin design studios have managed to gain much recognition both nationally and internationally for their unique work style. In a world of design that has been invaded by meaningless modern monotony, their works prove that modern design can have flavour and an artistic touch. Their distinctive design approach can be seen in the detailing of the facades and apertures whilst still retaining simplicity and functionality as their main goal.

Principal Architect Abin Chaudhuri believes that they achieve their quality of work through the challenges that they overcome while designing and he is also a firm follower of sustainable and responsible design as a current need in architecture.

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RP Sanjiv Goenka Group corporate headquarters in Kolkata; __©

Architecture as an artistic expression

Architect Abin Chaudhuri surprisingly took a non-conventional route following his graduation and believes those experiences are what shaped his architectural practice. They helped him gain expertise in construction materials and as one can see in his designs. He introduced unique ways of using these materials to make unseen facades in his buildings both Intune with the land and its people. His designs have used various materials proving that he likes exploring new alternatives and cost-cutting solutions, promoting sustainability. 

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The Gallery House is a fine depiction of their artistic detail in designing; _© 

Even though the designs are modern and completely alien to its context the artistic craftsmanship manages to link the modern with the cultural context of the site. Abin design studios enjoy a challenge and bring fresh ideas to their designs through these expressive facades they create. Their work tries to provide meaning to the purely utilitarian and technical side of the design aiming to provide “A soul in the shell”.

Each project puts them on a journey of discovery that shapes their design ideas and thus brings newness to their perspective and design. They are a multidisciplinary firm that also creates elements and spaces for installations and exhibitions that bring out a creative approach in an Indian context. Trained in Industrial design from Domus Academy, Milan he has a keen eye for product designing as well.

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A tactile Bamboo Installation; _©

Evolving according to the times

In their short span of work, Abin Design Studios has progressively evolved with the new technology and materials they have used in construction. They are an office of keen learners who are humbled by the recognition they have been receiving and believe they still have more to learn. Their work is an accumulation of the growth they achieve while designing. The studio is working on the design in the urban fabric and peri-urban edge, as a catalyst for deliberate change in society. 

The studio’s work focuses on the idea of holistic design, not just limiting to ideas, but also physical manifestation through multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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The Wall House is one of their finest works that has received international recognition; _©


The young firm has managed to catch the attention worldwide through its work and has attained numerous titles for its progressive design in an urban Indian context. Being featured in the prestigious South Asian cross border list of ‘The 50 Most Influential Names in Architecture and Design for 2014 and 2015’. Abin Design Studios has bagged many international and national awards and innumerable publications in magazines worldwide over a slim span of 10 years. 

Their work has been selected by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, New York) to be showcased in their publication and travelling Exhibition Project, “Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities, 2014”. Furthermore, they have received “The International Architecture Award, 2015 ” from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

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Narayantala thakur dalan in Kolkata; _©

On the work frontier, Abin has a new line of rugs that have been designed in association with Jaipur Rugs bringing a perspective edge in its patterns as he believes interior design is equally important to complete a structure aesthetic. 

Recently, a set of working pods called Happy works have also been inaugurated in Kolkata as part of an initiative to provide a comfortable working environment for professionals who have been stuck at home due to the pandemic and require a better working environment. Lastly, a football clubhouse overlooking a lake has been completed in the rural city of Bansberia, West Bengal.

Abin Design Studio creates football clubhouse overlooking Indian lake in West Bengal; _©Edmund Sumner


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