Architectural podcasts tend to deliberate production of critical thinking amongst listeners about dynamic subjects within the scope of the industry. Also, considered a significant alternative to reading books as they provide a vast expanse of information, inspiration and document experiences of individuals, professionals and designers in the field. Hence opening doors to the integral functioning and process of designing, building and understanding architecture in time, as a symbolic essence and substantial observations made by leading practitioners and academicians on subjects like business of architecture, interdisciplinary practices with other fields of art and pure science to answer questions to ever-inquisitive human minds.  

A list of 10 curated architectural podcasts presented below to stimulate one’s mind by analysing and originating a personal opinion based on diverse parameters.

1. Podcast Title:- Talking Practice. | Architectural podcasts

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About the Podcast:- Since 2018, Harvard University Graduation School of Design provides a platform for a podcast show called Talking practice, produced by Ronee Saroff. The programme highlights the current profession trends and design vision of leading designers, architects and planners in the industry through a series of interviews hosted by Grace La, Professor of Architecture and Chair of Practice Platform. The conversations dive into their experiences, work environments and design thinking that generate a stimulating insightful talk for the audience listening.

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2. Podcast Title:- Theory of Architecture.

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About the Podcast:- Buckland Architects organise a podcast show called Theory of Architecture hosted by Bruce Buckland,  invites architects from practice and academic realms to give their expert opinion of various intensive theories and philosophy related to design. Personally, a recommendation to tune into  #4 Richard Beckett, a lecturer at Barlett School of Architecture who talks about the idea about the age of biology in design, for example, algae with bioluminescence properties utilised to light up spaces inside the house as a clean energy. The collaboration between design and pure science may have the possibility to bring concepts from being in the movies to reality.

3. Podcast Title:- GSAPP Conversations. | Architectural podcasts

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About the Podcast:- GSAPP Conversations completes 94 episodes of the podcast since its launch in the year 2017 as a collaborative project between Columbia GSAPP and Archdaily. The podcast host is the Dean of Columbia GSAPP, Amale Andraos inviting guests from multi-dynamic facets from the field of architecture to discuss on current trends, opportunities and emerging solutions in contemporary architecture today along with pressing issues concerning the future generation.

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4. Podcast Title:- 99% Invisible

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Available on: Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Radiotopia

About the Podcast:-   99% Invisible started in 2010 as an independent radio show by Roman Mars; the show got listed amongst the Top 50 podcast on iTunes in 2014 and made it to the list of 50 best podcasts in 2017 by Time Magazine. The show explores topics based on eight categories- Architecture, Infrastructure, Cities, Objects, Sounds, Visuals, Technology and History. Each episode supports careful research of documentation along with opinions of the professionals and connecting various events and experiences covering a good range of perspectives regarding the discussed topic. 

5. Podcast Title:- Entrepreneur Architect. | Architectural podcasts

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About the Podcast:- The Podcast explores leadership skills and business of architecture; an aspect design and architectural school’s miss out to include along with divulging into the intimate details of everyday life of an architect. The show currently accounts for over 300 episodes hosted by Architect Mark. R Lepage with interviews from people running big to small firm studios and companies to understand the business strategies an architect must take that includes financial management, productivity, profit, marketing and planning.

6. Podcast Title:- Material Matters.

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Available on: Apple Podcast, Thedesignedit, Podtail, Podbean, Buzzsprout

About the Podcast:- Material Matters podcast investigates the use and love for specific materials along with the techniques to get desired outcomes demonstrated and practised by guests in their work that consists of a broad spectrum of designers, manufacturers, makers and artists. The programme host Grant Gibson is a well-known writer and critic in the realm of design who articulates an exhaustive dialogue with the guests to understand the extent of the relationship established with the materials to bring out the unique designs and perspectives to match the changing contemporary urban environment. 

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7. Podcast Title:- About Buildings + Cities

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About the Podcast:- The podcast opens a discussion about the design of architecture, building and cities around the globe including a wide range of content with technology, film, fiction, comics, drawings and a sparse idea of the future to give a comprehensive outline to the topic. The host Luke Jones and George Gingell give in their insightful opinions getting listeners hooked on the dialogue presented.

8. Podcast Title:- Failed Architecture. | Architectural podcasts

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About the Podcast:- This podcast series confronts spatial design consensus and explores unconventional solutions beyond the architectural fraternity. The idea of architecture being a representational factor for social and climate justice, pop and subcultures along with any activity that takes place after the construction of a building interlaced with intricate stories, research and thoughts on current matters making this podcast channel one of its kind. Failed Architecture is an independent foundation with five bases around the globe being Amsterdam, Beirut, Istanbul, Bogota and New York. This helps meet their objectives to open the idea of architecture into the public sphere beyond the economic system and social-political conditions that undermine people’s understanding of the power the built environment symbolises.

9. Podcast Title:- Inside the Firm.

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About the Podcast:- The show airs every Friday afternoon with co-hosts and founders, Alex Gore and Lance Cayko. They analyse the strategies and planning into the fundamental details regarding the journey of the featured firm,  the way it runs and grows from a small scale business. The trajectory of these firms added a personal touch with stories recounting episodes of struggles, building code bylaws issues, software tips and tricks that work to give other young firms a fairground of what works.

10. Podcast Title:-  A history of architecture, the fundamental process. | Architectural podcasts

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About the Podcast:- David Getzin hosts the podcast show that investigates into the history of civilization and scenarios of the built environment in a narrative format to provoke a thought process with the audience. Furthermore, he goes forward to justify and analyze the possible critical reasons for the design of buildings and town plannings along with various theories and philosophy in a simple manner for every listener to understand this vast complex timeline that packed perfectly to one’s delight.

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The list gives every architect an extensive choice to tune in and listen to an episode while working or in leisure time. It addresses questions, issues and current trends in the market followed or created by designers around the globe while establishing arguments and opening conversations with friends and colleagues in the design approach. The content gets one overwhelmed by the opportunities available to venture in the industry. 


Subhay Baberwal, a practising architect at Taller-S and a visiting faculty at SJB School of architecture and planning, Bangalore. He is an art and culture enthusiast as well as a certified wildlife Eco-volunteer by the Karnataka Forest Department for activities regarding conservation, census, preservation. Furthermore, he is a poet and currently exploring his voice in architecture writing along with being a ghostwriter for mobile application, fashion collections and bloggers.