The Stonehenge student apartment from the environment
Semarang city is the best city for investment in Central Java, Indonesia. As cities continue to grow the availability of living space becomes a seemingly never-ending issue. In this issue, college students take a big part of it. Every year, more than 5000 students come to Semarang to study especially for college. UNDIP (Diponegoro University) area that located on the hill of Semarang City, more specifically in Tembalang and Banyumanik district is college area since most of the citizen are college students. The Increasing number of college students in UNDIP area cause density problem and decreasing green area. Because of that students hardly fulfill their living need in UNDIP area. Student Apartment in UNDIP area is the best way to overcome density and green area problem.

Architect : Muhammad Nu’man Muttaqi
Location : Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
Status  : Concept

Student apartment with ‘restoring life’ concept means that the apartment can bring back joy and refreshment to the resident. This concept come from Biophilic Design theory which focuses on the relationship between man and nature. This relationship can bring positive impacts for psychology and physic’s user, for example; increase productivity, creativity, and make healing process faster.


*design transformation and axonometric drawing

Void area between these 3 towers of building aim to give users natural experiences so they can feel the wind, seasons, and sunlight. Moreover, mass of this building comes from stone and moss shape and characteristics that will give natural look form outside and inside.

*explodametric plan drawing

every area of this apartment has a nature spot that gives the resident more experiences with natural elements.

The design of this apartment uses natural material all over the place so when we enter this apartment, we will experience a natural atmosphere that can bring back joy to our body, both physically and mentally.

*interior perspective : how biophilic design theory interferes the apartment design

Nature spot in every place in this design based on Biophilic design theory, there are 14 patterns that articulates the relationship between nature, human biology, and the design of the built environment so that residents may experience the human benefit of biophilia in design applications.

*plan -axonometric – detail drawing : room design and section

Type of the units apartment (up-bottom)

  1. Studio : 17,3 m2
  2. Studio+ : 20,5 m2
  3. 2 Rooms : 45,8 m2
  4. 2 rooms : 45,8 m2

The Stonehenge apartment is specially designed for students with capacity until 2000 students in 1140 units

Muhammad Nu’man Muttaqi

Muhammad Nu’man Muttaqi graduated from Bachelor of Architecture at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia. From the beginning of his journey in architecture school, he always have interest in green architecture and how it gives impact to people. Every projects he have done either academic project or competition he always give green concept in it. Nu’man really enjoy to design some typologies of building such as residential, office, and retail. After graduation Nu’man joined D+E Architects, Architecture firm that focused in energy efficiency on building and lighting design.


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