Every family desires a home that gives them as much freedom as possible to meet their needs. “House Viewpoint” is set in a prime hillside location in Stuttgart; its occupants, parents with two children, have treated themselves to a home that not only serves their current needs, but is designed to grow with its occupants and their future needs in the best possible sense. In this way, an existing detached family home has become a residential idyll that combines modern city life with the desire for a private retreat.

Project Name: Viewpoint
Studio Name: Ippolito Fleitz Group

Viewpoint by Ippolito Fleitz Group - Sheet2
©Ippolito Fleitz Group

The clients have firm ties to Stuttgart and a strong network here, both professionally and privately. They sought to establish a residential character that expounds largesse, as well as Stuttgart’s archetypal down-to-earth nature and connection with the region. The challenge for our design was to render tangible this balancing act between reduction and vitality. Taking the existing building as a starting point, a fluid ground floor space was created, which extends through the living and dining areas into the open-plan kitchen area, thanks to a continuous wooden parquet floor. A structural expansion of the punched windows to create generous expanses of window now offers breathtaking views over the ‘cauldron’, as well as the possibility of stepping directly out onto the terrace. The way in which the design handles the here and now in relation to the inside and outside runs as a cohesive concept throughout the house.

Viewpoint by Ippolito Fleitz Group - Sheet3
©Ippolito Fleitz Group

In addition to the flooring as a unifying element, it is the combination of high-quality materials in the interplay of daylight and artificial light that expresses the family’s individual joie de vivre. Surfaces that appear vibrant, while remaining simultaneously functional, render the composed aesthetic equally tangible. The house is furnished with expressive furniture and a considered selection of artwork that serve to underscore the overall effect.

Viewpoint by Ippolito Fleitz Group - Sheet4
©Ippolito Fleitz Group

House Viewpoint is the next logical step for our clients in fulfilling their residential dreams, following on from Apartment D, which was realised in collaboration with us back in 2011. Both projects stem from our mutual trust and our deep understanding of the family’s residential needs. The result is a house, whose flowing design strikes a fine balance between the spatial requirements of family life and the serenity of a private urban retreat.


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