Pubby House is owned by Resident Editor of Indian Express, Vipin Pubby in Panchkula. Built on a plot measuring approximately 396 square metres, the house is conceived as a compact and modern block befitting the status of its ownerand satisfyinghis requirements. Its bold massing and homogenous external finishing makes it prominent amidst its surrounding buildings.

Studio Name: Saakaar Foundation, Chandigarh
Design Team: Ar Surinder Bahga, Ar Parveen Chopra and Er Neeraj Khurana
Area: 396 SQM
Year : 2014
Location  : Panchkula, Haryana
Consultants : Ashok Ghai
Photography Credits: Anmol
Other Credits: Jatinder Singh (Contractor)

House of Vipin Pubby by Saakaar Foundation-Sheet2

The house has been conceptualised in a manner which exemplifies the pure geometrical relationship between the building and the site. The play of light and shade, the rhythm of solid and voids have been utilised to create an ambience of aesthetic blends.The ground floor and part of the first floor are used by the owner whereas the rest of the first floor has been constructed with the aim of renting it out.The servant’s room is housed on the second floor.

The ground floor has most of the functional units—an informal and formal family-sitting area, a dining-cum-lounge and a kitchen.Family areas like master bedrooms with attached dress and toilet are kept on rear side.Formal areas like drawing room, guest room and lobby are kept on front side. Kitchen is placed at a strategic location from where house lady can keep watch on anyone entering the house. Dining and lounge is treated as a special component of the house.A large cut-out in the family lounge helps in maintaining a visual link with the living room below and allows the natural light to pour in.

House of Vipin Pubby by Saakaar Foundation-Sheet1

On the first floor, there are threeadditional master bedrooms; twowith attached balcony, a kitchen, and adining room for tenants andthe thirdbedroomis for the owner.All the rooms have been provided with either a covered balcony or terrace which functions as an outdoor sit-out. Terraces can be accessed through a staircase without disturbing the privacy of ground floor.

The structure is kept simple with RCC framing and infill walls of brick.The exterior surfacesare plastered, painted off-white and cladded with GRC brick tiles.



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