This is one of the residential projects in one of the premium residential localities of Mysuru city. The residential building boasts an open and accessible floor plan that caters to the needs of an elderly couple. Architecture is characterized by its emphasis on visual connectivity, which is achieved through the incorporation of large windows and wide doorways.

Studio Name: Space
Instagram handle:  @space_mys
Website :
Design Team: Ar. Vinod Menon  ,  Ar. Sharath N.A,
Betsy Zachariah ,   Ar.Bhagyashree

Built -up Area : 385 sqm
Year: October,2020
Location: Mysuru ,Karnataka ,India
Civil Contractor : Manickam constructions
Photography Credits: Ar. Rohini dilip ( @rohini_dilip5 )

Samarth Residence by SPACE - Sheet4
©Ar. Rohini dilip

The building has been designed in a manner that seamlessly blends the inside with the outdoors, providing ample opportunities for its residents to interact with the natural surrounding environment.

One of the defining features of the building’s design is its series of verandahs, balconies, and decks that look out into the garden. These semi-outdoor spaces provide the perfect setting for socializing and relaxing while enjoying the scenic view of the garden.

Samarth Residence by SPACE - Sheet7
©Ar. Rohini dilip

The building footprint is chosen such that it has smaller garden space in front and larger open spaces at the rear of the project. The large backyard becomes the main design element of design. The pool too adds to the landscape which is more private and at the rear side.

The design of the building is simple yet functional and practical, with all the necessary amenities that an elderly couple requires.

The deck extension in the master bedroom on the ground floor and similarly a balcony to the first floor with a view of the private garden for a sun-soaking morning.

©Ar. Rohini dilip

The building architecture utilizes a mix of modern and traditional design elements that combine to deliver a warm and inviting ambiance. The space is light-filled and airy creating a sense of tranquillity and calmness.

The double-height spaces over the living room give a sense of grandness. The central court with the Ganesha statue and the skylight above becomes the focal point while entering the main door.

Overall this residential project provides a perfect setting for an elderly couple to live comfortably, happily, and safely.

About the firm :

Space, a design studio initiated by Vinod Menon and Sharath N A. It was established in 2008 in Mysuru, Karnataka. It is a multifaceted design studio catering to the needs of the urban populace, simultaneously keeping up to the norms of architectural aspects such as Architecture, Interiors, etc Started with humble beginnings it intends to spread its wings and emerge as a multidimensional organisation in the realms of architectural design. It vouches to bring in a blend of both traditional and modernity, in keeping with high professional standards. Since its inception, Space has been engaged in various ventures that include residences, offices, institutes, etc in and around Mysuru. Flexible budgets, responsive clients, multiple programs, and architectural redefinition are what Space aspires for.


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