Interior design of a one-family house for two people keen on camper travelling. A gable-roofed house with a garden and a garage fitted into the shape of the building. Thanks to open spaces and full-height glazings the house is open towards the outside.

Studio Name: BIEN STUDIO
Design Team: interior designer: Magdalena Bień, visulisations: Sandra Radys
Area: Interior design
Year: 2021
Location:  Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland
Photography Credits: Magdalena Bień

House in Kazmierz by BIEN Studio - Sheet4
©Magdalena Bień

The ground floor forms a single space, with the kitchen opening towards the living room and the entryway.

House in Kazmierz by BIEN Studio - Sheet6
©Magdalena Bień

The first floor comprises a detached bedroom, separated by a glazed wall from a spacious bathroom, and a separate fitness zone with sauna and storage space. The materials used in the whole interior and its finishing details are minimalistic, yet carefully chosen.

House in Kazmierz by BIEN Studio - Sheet8
©Magdalena Bień

The matching lighting and high-quality finishing materials ensure the overall unique impression.


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